Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 questions.

i realize posing 3 questions at once is asking a lot of you, but all 3 are questions that i really want an answer to.

1. on our way home, be are planning on taking the long route. 
i.e. stopping at as many church historical sites as we feel like, along with any other need to see places.
so my question to you is have any of you been somewhere above, around or in between washington dc and pocatello idaho that we must see?

question 1 is easy enough right? now for #2

2. i have obviously gained a little (lotta) weight since being married... and 7th grade, but am finding it extremely difficult to find the desire and motivation to get my butt in gear. 
what is really hard for me is that i have had all day every day for an entire summer to get going, but have rarely taken it upon myself to exercise my already firm gluteus maximus. i kid i kid.
does anyone have any good advice or used motivation that might help my helplessness? PLEASE SHARE.

3. finally, when i get home i would really like to start having a monthly girls night/craft night. would any of you be interested in participating in this? if so, i think we would rotate who is in charge of coming up with that months craft, and each girl would pay that person however much the craft would cost to go and buy supplies and such. 
i think we would do this craft with the understanding that most of us are poor college students, so we would keep it reasonable. i think it would be super fun to just have a night of girly things and fun and good food! what do you think? anyone interested?

thanks for helping me in these matters. 
i send my love.

primary colors are 1.2.3.

so im totally loving on primary colors right now. everything about them. 

reds. greens. blues
and ill add in yellows and oranges...! ok ALOT of yellow!

for real though. everything about them. i want to use them in my paint colors, fabrics, decorating, everything. 

check out this wedding. (scroll to the actual wedding/reception part)
i love the yellow and creamish-white striped fabric. that would look awesome on a wall.
and then all of the fun little vintage-circus decor'. im in love. 
wouldnt this make the CUTEST nursery ever! someday...


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i realize that mine and sams blog has turned into some what of a craft show. and for that i do apologize. i never intended on making this into look at what ive done, what ive bought, and what im doing kind of deal. 
i do enjoy creating and shopping, and will probably occasionally post those things, but i dont want it to be the sole focus of this blog. i hope you understand... instead of posting my        "doo-dadds" everyday... lets try every other day! :) 

that was just a side note in case you were wondering.

the real story here in the geddes home is that our spirits are low. 

why is that?
because our little rugrats are moving away.

those bouncing, big, brown-eyed kids that we love are packing up and moving half-way across the world.

our brother-in-law ricardo was offered a very good job in south korea.
thats right south korea.
for a minimum of 2 years that family of 4 that we love will be residing in a foreign place.

although i type this like im taking the news lightly, im not.
im actually extremely heart broken. 
its weird, ive only been in the family for a year and a half, but i have grown so attached to my little nephew and niece. ive grown attached to katy and ricardo too. so incredibly attached to this family.

making matters worse, is we didnt know where or even if they were moving when we came to dc for the summer. hence we didnt say our "official" goodbyes.
next week they will be leaving, and sam and i are stuck HERE without as much as a farewell.

man this bites.

* these pictures are obviously not in chronological order.

we will be visiting you very soon south korea... very very soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i made another headband. a little fruity. but i like it.
its just a bunch of circles sewn together... man i wish i could actually sew/ had a sewing machine.

its funny how i have the time to do all of the projects in the world that i want, but i dont have all of my supplies or a way of getting them home. bummer. i guess ill just keep with these little doo-dadds.

also i bought this glass jar at target on sale awhile back. it is made to be a punch glass/holder but the nozzle broke off (hence why it was on sale). 
i have no idea what to do with it.

any ideas?
until next time,


is french for flower! (i googled it) :)

i have recently found a new blog that i really enjoy. its called blue cricket design. 
as i was reading it yesterday, i found a tutorial for some super cute/super easy fabric flowers. 
well i decided to try it out by memory. and although it isnt exactly like hers, i still think it turned out pretty cute for the first try. 

here is where she did her flower tutorial. 

and this is how i did mine!

first, like blue cricket design, i free-hand drew a petal. and traced it 4 times. i should have been 5 but like i said i was doing it by memory.
sewed the bottoms of the petals so that they puckered.

and then sewed each petal together, overlapping one another.
then hot glued a button to the center. and attached it to a headband.
and wala! there you have it. not the best, but i think it is pretty cute for a first try!

Monday, July 27, 2009

this n' that and in-between!

remember when my family came? i told you that we had to make a stop to unique! well we did. here are my purchases! i found a lot of other things while we were there, but had to contain myself. so here are the things i chose!

three little mason jars. i love them. i think they will be really cute in my kitchen or office.
69 cents
my super cute spoon holder. i love this little owl!
 i think i paid 99 cents... i might be wrong though!
some new pumps. love them and they are in great shape! 
wooden bowls. i cant wait to show you what i am going to do with these babies! they are in the transformation process. 
49 cents each.
did i ever mention that my mom has an eye for everything. she is incredible. if you ever want advice on how to transform something ask her. the things that she sees and can come up with for what is seemingly the most useless junk is amazing!
and shag and i made another button headband. its pretty cute! my mom made a cute one too but i didnt get a picture!
the title for my post is true. i have a lot of randomness to talk about...

sam and i were asked to speak to the youth in our "fairfax ward" about dating yesterday. (i use quotations, because our records are still in pocatello, we only attend this ward temporarily.) 

anyhow, we were on a panel of couples answering all sorts of questions about every aspect of dating. it was actually quite fun, but it kind of took me by surprise.

when did i grow up enough to be speaking to the youth? arent i still a youth?

one of the couples decided to make a list of fun activities and dates that the kids could go on and some of them sounded like so much fun that i asked for a list so that sam and i and any of you could use them too! here are a couple that sounded the funnest!

- "sumo spoons"- buy really large clothes from a thrift store, stuff the clothes full of pillows and go to the park and play the game sppons. set the spoons several yards from where your playing cards so that you have to run after he spoons dressed as sumo wrestlers.
- homemade drive in movie. go get a bunch of scrap card board from different dumpsters. have a competition with the other couples of who can make the best mock vehicle to sit it. set up a projector outside and watch a movie in your creation. remember the popcorn!
-slip n slide. buy some paint plastic from home depot and make a slip n slide. have a picnic too!
- ice cream fight- make ice cream sculptures together and afterwards turn the fun into an ice cream fight.

those were just a couple that i thought sounded fun! its funny (at least for me) that when you are dating someone you are willing to put a lot of time, thought and effort into a date, but once you are married that effort doesnt seem as apparent. for sam and i, we usually catch a movie and go to dinner. but why do the thought out dates have to stop when you get married? these dates sound like a blast so i think our dating patterns are about to change! :) anyone care to join! we can definitely double! 

also last night when we got home i decided i wanted some cereal. (i really love honey bunches of oats with cut up bananas in it.) well sam told me to sit down and relax and he would get my cereal for me. 
when he brought it out he had cut one of the bananas into a heart! ha! it made me smile so big!
check out the picture below this one, because its hard to tell where its at!

also i was making some easy mac (i cant help that i eat so healthy) and used a styrofoam bowl... not the smartest idea~! please dont pay attention to how disgusting my microwave is. i promise i will clean it today!
another thing... i bought these beauties on sale at target the other day... im still wondering what i was thinking, but i couldnt get it out of my head how much i am going to LOVE them this winter! 
you know you want some! :)
thats it for what we will call my "monday madness". i just had lots of little things i wanted to share and decided i might as well share them all at once! i hope you had a great weekend!

until next time,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i was tagged...

like a month ago by my friend stephanie... 
but its just like me to procrastinate it. 
have i ever mentioned that i procrastinate EVERYTHING.  really no matter how small or big it is. it gets procrastinated.

with that said, here you have it.

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. read my scriptures
2. watched enchanted
3. made 8 cards
4. folded laundry
5. did relief society stuff
6. made dinner (hawaiian haystacks) 
7. sam and i ate popsicles for dessert! (they are his favorite!)
8. snuggled with my sweetie
id say it was a pretty good day. however it was really hard for me to think of 8 things i did. sad i know.

8 Favorite TV shows
1. the office hands down is my #1 favorite!
2. the deadliest catch (kinda weird, but it sucks you in. you cant wait to see how many crabs they pull up on the next pot! :) )
3. bachelorette 
4. lost
5. ANYTHING on hgtv
6. what not to wear... except stacey drives me nuts. like almost to the point that its not in my top 8.
7. 30 rock
8. extreme makeover home edition

8 Favorite Restauraunts
1. my very favorite is a place in taylorsville, utah called the green papaya. so so so good. you MUST go next time your in salt lake.
2. wingers
3. panera bread
4. new york burrito
5. mandarine house (ok i dont know if its one of my favorites but i do love chinese... the new hong kong or even panda express would count too)
6. joes crab shack for sure
7. red lobster (love their clam chowder)
8. buddys (i have their salad dressing recipe if anyone wants it!) 
im getting a little hungry...

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
1. coming home
2. moving into a new house!
3. decorating my (well the hobbs') house
4. my birthday. its august 17th
5. graduating from college
6. spring semester!!! a lot will be happening!
7. halloween (its my favorite holiday)
8. having a bunch of little punks running around :)

8 Things on my Wish List
1. a boat!
2. a house
3. a new wardrobe
4. motivation
5. a better gpa
6. vacations galore. if you cant tell i really love to travel.
7. a healthy, beautiful family
8. a good job when i graduate
man i am worldy... 

8 Things I am grateful for
1. sammy
2. the Gospel
3. family
4. sunshine
5. food
6. memories
7. kids (other peoples)
8. airplanes. you can visit people who live thousands of miles away a lot faster and easier.

8 People I tag
1. taranch
2. shag
3. j-own
4. emily ward
5. jen hansen
6. angie birch
7. aunt kelli
8. britney geddes

what can i say. i like what i like! :) 

Friday, July 24, 2009

a hard day.

i guess it was hard if you consider sleeping in, watching enchanted, and making cards a drag...

only 19 more days of the "hard" life.

im kidding im kidding.
i have been very blessed to be able to stay at home these past few months and for all of those who thought i would go crazy with boredom, the truth is... I HAVENT. i love it.

in 19 days, i start back up with school, work and of course my calling in full force. no more of this delegating everything to everyone else stuff! please dont feel sorry for me though! :) 

on another completely random note. i told you i would post a picture of me in my new thrift store dresses.
here i am in one of them.. spinning.
 it spins very nicely i might add. although it feels somewhat like parachute fabric.
until next time

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the geddes hotel.

it has been an incredibly fun and tiring week at the geddes household. my wonderful family (excluding my poor brother *jasper) were able to come for a week (end) getaway this past week. my parents and the *shag got into the dc airport at 10:45 pm on wednesday. so the night was short, but we took advantage of our fruity selves by using iphoto booth. man this thing is fun.

* indicates nickname 

here is the creepiest picture possible! this is what the humidity did to my dad :)
*j-own looks a bit like jay leno!
and *shag has been working out a lot lately!

the next day we took advantage of unique ~ the incredible walmart sized thrift store. 
i will post my finds at a later date!

my little brother is the activities director for his school and has recently instated "wildlife wednesdays" this is a day that the school will be united by wearing wildlife garb. sick. i know. 
anyways my mom found these wolf suspenders that proved to be a perfect addition to his already growing wardrobe of discustingness! 
taryn and ryan got in on thursday, and we all went out to dinner at pf changs. so scrumptious. 
here are my awesome parents after dinner! isnt my mom a babe
on friday we went down to dc to look at the sights. again here is one hott mama at the vietnam memorial.
sam picked this flower (right in front of the gardner i might add) to leave at the memorial
the kids with honest abe.
sam looks a little disgusted to be at this house! :)

these are the signatures on the constitution. it was really hard to get a decent picture because there was no flash photography allowed.
later that night we enjoyed a little ben and jerrys
close to our house there is a fountain that kids play in all day and night. well taigen my dad and i decided it would be fun to make a little bet to see who could run through it without getting wet. we each succeeded in getting across twice before some little kid got in my path causing me to get drenched. pretty funny actually, minus the $20 i had to give to taigen for LOSING!
on saturday we went into dc again to look at some of the smithsonians. here we are at one.

our nations capitol. it really is such a beautiful building.
but lets be honest this building is alot prettier. and way less corrupt:)
my dad laid down to get a picture of the steeples after which he had a hard time getting back up! ha i love old scottie dawg. he did so many FUNNY things this trip! i dont know what these chemo treatments are doing to him! :)

sunday we went to arlington cemetery and watched the changing of the guards. what a beautiful place to visit. it is incredible how many men and women who have fought and died for our country. and those buried here arent even half of them.

after the cemetery we enjoyed a nice baseball game. the nationals vs. cubs. GO CUBBIES. they wooped the nationals! last summer our whole family saw the cubs play at wrigley field so it was really fun to see them again all together.
*taranch and *shag!

of course you have to eat hotdogs at a game~! ryans brother greg and his wife carly were able to come on saturday night from philadelphia and spend sunday with us. that was a max of 9 people sleeping in a one bedroom apartment. it was super fun (they are in the back ground!)
for those of you that know my mom, you know that she can sleep anywhere! it was no different this trip! we caught her plenty of times "resting her eyes" :)

after the game taryn and ryan and greg and carly had to make there way back to where they came from, so the rest of us decided we should head up to NYC for a couple of days. POOR SAM had to drive through that crazy city! our hotel was right next to time square so it was incredibly hectic! but he did awesome and we arrived and departed safely!

im not going to lie sam and i didnt really think we would go back to new york for a long time because we went there on vacation around 4 months ago, but it was alot of fun to see everything again and to know what we should and shouldnt do!

resting by miss liberty

on our fairy ride from the statue of liberty to ellis island, we got a little crazy. we were squeezing eachothers lips and trying to stick out our tongues. it was really funny. (maybe just to us though)

ellis island in the grand hall!
im seriously not kidding about my mom falling asleep ANYWHERE! here we are on the subway. ON THE SUBWAY! :)
the craziest thing happened on monday night. we were determining where we should go and eat dinner, and decided on bubba gumps in time square. as we were walking i was looking at all the people we were passing by and saw a girl that looked so familiar... as i was saying that looks like kirsten dean, i saw kelsey hodge with her and was liKE HOLY CRAP KIRSTEN AND KELSEY. and sure enough it was them! its crazy how you can be clear across the nation in one of the biggest cities in the world and see people you know really well walking down the same street at the same time and to be even crazier staying in the EXACT SAME hotel as you! it was really funny to see them. its always great to see a familiar face!
some random guy is giving sam bunny ears. i thought it was super funny
around 11 pm the boys decided they were tired and needed to go to bed. the three of us girls werent ready to leave the streets of the city that never sleeps, so we stayed out and walked around till around 1:30. i always thought that new york was a pretty scary place, but honestly i dont think anything bad could have happened because there were SO many people everywhere. we felt completely safe even just the three of us that late!
the next day we went to rockafeller. we were going to go to the top, but it was too hazy that day and there was no visibility!
a stop down fifth avenue. dont worry i tried on a tiffanys ring :)
yes folks we landed on the moon. its official.
we were having way to much fun in FAO schwartz. 

beautiful central park.
we had so much fun with my family. it is so wonderful to break up the summer a little bit when your working so hard. (definitely not me... but sam) it was not only great to spend time with my family but to have sam around all day long for a solid week. for those of you that are summer sales wives, you know that you dont get the pleasure of spending the summer together, so it was great to be with him for that long. we only have 20 more working days here and then we will be heading home! 
we have really enjoyed our time out here and sam has an awesome boss and co workers, but its true, theres no place like home! wish us luck with the next 20 days!

until next time