Monday, June 28, 2010

a ride.

i just drove home from preston. driving always gets me thinking, thinking and excited to do more. to create, to inspire, to BE PRODUCTIVE.

then i got home. and i got on the computer. now i have no motivation. why does the internet do that to me? i just get lazy or something every time i turn this big old screen on. however searching the internet does still inspire me. it makes me want to do so much.

like look like this... i love her outfit. i want to wear it everyday.
(photo emersonmade)

and have the loveliest house just like all of these. as you can see im still really in the mood to decorate and these things are my inspiration!

(nienie dialogues)

i love the bright colors.
(martha stewart)
i really want a cute little bench for our house. when we lived in our old, old house, like 3 houses ago i would drive by this house nearly everyday that had the oldest bench outside. i wonder if it is still there. think anyone would mind if i just borrowed it? :)
(martha stewart)
i love this couch. minus the dog. sorry people im not a dog (or any animal for that matter) person
(martha stewart)
seriously? love.
(martha stewart)
ok everything about this entry way is perfection to me. martha you have some serious talent. (or the people that work for you do)
this reminds me of some really cool containers i saw while visiting kirland ohio last year. they were used in the first bishops store house. i want them for my own store house!
i think these are seriously divine.

in other news. my aunt jodi asked my cousin carli and i to help her with her stakes 4th year adventure. they needed some craft ladies, and we come highly recommended :)

anyways. this was like no girls camp ive ever been to before. it was more like a luxury retreat. the house we stayed in was a 3 million dollar home that was incredible!!
this is the upstairs kitchen.
and the backyard. holy.
we are rock stars/junior leaders/craft divas/ just plain awesome
we did a little kayaking in a near by pond. i do love me some kayaking.
and then we rode in a private plane. ive done this a few times, but this was by far the funnest ride ive ever been on. we did free falls, quick climbs, dives, and he even turned off everything in the plane and we just sat there coasting for almost 30 seconds. i thought we were going to die. but it was awesome!
they were afraid we were going to barf, so we had to take some bags to catch it. nope we didnt throw up. which is surprising because i get motion sick very very easily!

fathers day weekend was spent kayaking some more, roasting hot dogs over a bon fire, and catching crawfish. i think the crawfish were the highlight. before i knew sam i didnt even know we had these in idaho.

my mom bought me these shoes. yes i love them. (dont mind my sick toe nails)

my father in law insisted i wear a helmet. so i did. and i was safe. he also insisted that i wear some old shorts and a shirt that he had in his truck so that i didnt get my clothes wet. so i did. and i was dry.

we had a splendid weekend. sams sister katy and her kids were supposed to get here from south korea on friday, but unfortunately immigration wouldnt let them out of the country. so after a lot of frustration and figuring things out they finally made it to san francisco last night. its been over a year since we have seen them! we cant wait! taryn and stella come tomorrow too. ah love having family (especially the little stinkers) around. we have lots of fun ahead!


Friday, June 18, 2010

a few more. 'pop art'

im seriously ready to decorate.

just found this little number on a local re-furbishers site called vintage farm. loving this end table
excited for the grey, green, white, orange and black that will be my living room
the red black and white that will be our second bedroom

the yellow grey and whatever other colors i decide for our kitchen.

still wondering about our bedroom....

but i did a few more pictures with 'extreme contrast'
i guess my house will be very bright to look at.... or contrast(y) im not sure which.

this is of some pillar in down town dc
the eerie canal
key west
adam ondi ohman
canadian boarder
community of christ temple
st louis
mount rushmore... of course

if anyone knows some good inspiration for decorating id love you to share!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

such an ordeal.

grocery shopping is hard work.
im sure you know this by now, and if you dont you have a rude awakening coming your way.

first you have to (or should) plan what items you need to get. look through your cupboards and fridge and decide what exactly you need.

then you make a shopping list. so you make sure not to forget anything.

then you have to make the trip to the store. ( and those with kids... i have a rude awakening coming my way... SOMEDAY)

then you have to go through aisle after aisle, and in my case back through all the aisles again because i forgot something.

then the checkout. ah. i hate self checkout.

then -well in my case- i forget some random but oh-so-essential items.

so you have to make the trip back.

grocery shopping is hard work. maybe thats why i feel like i need a reward EVERYTIME i go. crap.

a mountain dew and a snickers. dang! i got the king sized one.

perhaps this is the sole reason that when my mom was doing my grocery shopping i was 4 sizes smaller.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pop art

wow. im blogging a lot lately. i guess summer is back in full swing because my blog is being updated regularly. and dont worry im happy about it. taryn told me that payback was a jerk- because of my last post... she will forgive me! eventually... :)

i have been dying to decorate lately. it feels like SO long since i have actually taken the time to make my apartment look presentable. and even then... it wasnt so presentable!
for about the first year and a half of our marriage we kept the same apartment (which was decorated- sort of) then we moved to dc- i dont decorate in the summers- then the day that we moved into our next apartment in pocatello, we started school. sadly, almost everything we owned stayed in their boxes. spring semester we moved out and lived on the road. sorry no decorating there either. and now its summer again and i find it useless to decorate this little place of ours...

but DONT WORRY. i am planning! the next place we move into will be decorated to my wits end! i swear it. in fact i told sam we are going to get an apartment at the beginning of august so that i can go and 'prep' it before we actually move in. therefore, things wont stay in their boxes and we will be a much happier pair!

with all of that said, i have been creating the magnificent space that will soon be our apartment in my mind. sam and i really want to use our travels as part of our home decor.

sooo... i was planning on turning a bunch of photos that the two of us have taken into black and whites, but started messing with them and changed the contrast and got kind of these 'pop art' feeling photos. im actually pretty stoked about them. they will definitely bring a unique flare to our place! i havent decided the ones im going to use, but ive done quite a few and still plan on doing more so that my options are plenty!

what do you think?

i think that some are obviously cooler than others, but i want to know what your favorites are!