Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays... and HELLO!

I wish I could give you a reason as to why this post is so delayed, but the truth is I have have just been LAZY. I love blogging... I am constantly looking at everyones blogs to see what you have been up to lately... but I have just had no motivation to update my own. Maybe laziness is my excuse? The fact of the matter is that school has consumed me. Today was my LAST class of the semester besides my actual final tests of course. It feels great to be finished. Now the studying begins. I dont think my finals with be very hard this semester, I have already turned in my graphic design final, and I only have one more project and two tests next week. It will be nice. Sam is still working his guts out. I feel really bad for him this semester, he has definitely had to buckle down and work hard. But its almost over and CHRISTMAS BREAK HERE WE COME! can you believe it is already the middle of December... We just got our TREE UP!? time sure does fly. well i guess i could fill you in on the pictures... Brianne and her husband Brandon came to Pocatello right before Thanksgiving.. it was so great to see her! Breeze you are still my very best friend! Also we decided to continue on with what we did last year for Thanksgiving and have made going camping to Arches a TRADITION. It was so much fun to go and spend a few days with just Sam and I and dont worry hike 18 miles. :) it was great I have such a fun husband. Then we to the Cabin and had our actual THANKSGIVING MEAL with the family.. thats what the weird pic is of sam and I. Then after that we went with Sams family and cut down CHRISTMAS TREES in Soda. It was so fun! Last Sunday Sams parents came up to bring us our tree and it looks great! We are so happy to have the FEELING OF CHRISTMAS in our home. What a wonderful time of year this is... it really just makes me think of how much i LOVE MY LIFE! I really am blessed.... Also TARYN is coming HOME TOMORROW!! i cannot wait! it has been 6 months since i have seen her! how wonderful she is! i am so blessed to have great family! I hope you guys are having a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON! My you be blessed!