Thursday, August 27, 2009

home again home again

jiggidy jig!

we are home! 

we had an awesome trip full of amazing sites and lots of laughs!

i cant believe how busy we have been.
we pulled into pocatello on monday at around 3:30 and havent stopped since.

school has started and we both really like our classes! it should be a fun/intense semester for us both.

i promise i will post pictures of all our recent excitement. 
it might not be for awhile, but it will eventually happen.

we are happy to be home. 

sorry if anyone has tried to reach me and hasnt been able to. my phone is STILL broken. my phone calls are being forwarded to sams phone but i cant receive texts.
i guess i should get my butt in gear and fix it.

my love to you all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the j

its my beautiful mothers birthday today.

i want to wish an outstanding woman a WONDERFUL and happy birthday.

j-own is the kindest, funnest, loveliest woman i know. i am thankful to be her daughter. she is the best i could ever have.
love you mom. hope your day is special!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

thank you.

hey everyone! this is just a quick post before we hit the road again! currently we are stationed in ohio at my lovely sisters house! but tomorrow we are off and headed for st louis. so far we have enjoyed gettysburg, palmyra, niagara falls, kirtland, and columbus! we have had an incredible time! i will be sure to post WAY more about it all soon!

i really just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent their birthday wishes my way on monday! please forgive me for not returning your texts or phone calls! my phone broke on sunday-causing my screen to go black! i couldnt read ANY of my text messages-i could only hear the ring that told me i had recieved one! so whoever you are and whatever you said THANK YOU! even though i dont know who or what was said i appreciate all your love! :)

we should be home on sunday to prepare for a new semester. holy cow i cant believe it is time.

we love you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

its time.

its 3 am and allie and i have been packing the crap out of our car! i made a bet with sam that we could fit everything-the catch-he couldnt help. so wow. thats all i can say. we are sweating bullets!  but we are almost done-the computer is the last thing to go and i think i will have won $10! 

next stop: gettysburg

then: palmyra

niagara falls

kirtland ohio

columbus- to see taryn! see you there.

so far we are having a wonderful time! its so much fun to have allie and dan here.
today dan hypnotized some of the guys in sams office and then went and sold with him for a bit
after that we all went into downtown dc to see the sites one last and one first time.
now its off to bed for a quick rest!

much love


Thursday, August 13, 2009

happy birthday to me (sort of)

well my birthday isnt actual until monday, but because we will be traveling and will have a crew with us, sam decided to have a celebration with me last night! it was amazing. my husband ROCKS my SOCKS!

first he knocked on the door after work, when i opened it, he was standing there with a birthday cake singing happy birthday!
there was something taped on top of my presents. he said because i was a "real adult" now he had to buy me something naughty-beer was out so he got me scratch tickets instead... wait wasnt i old enough to buy those when i was 18? :)
out of 3 tickets 2 of them were winner winner chicken dinners! yep i won $2
(and i know my outfit kind of looks like santa clause!)
then i opened my presents.... YEP I GOT A CAMERA!!!! YIPPEEE!
i am so excited for this little cutie. i needed one for school anyways, but i was going to borrow my moms. instead sam decided i needed one for my birthday ! i love it so much! i cant wait to learn more about it!
then he took me to one of my most favorite eateries... joes crab shack.  yum. too bad the closest one to home is in boise.
after dinner he took me to the movie! he took me to the proposal! it was so cute. i could have done without the naked bodies though!

after that we came home and ate cake. the cover said it was white cake.
but it was chocolate. so sam had a rice krispy treat while i ate a piece of cake. anyone care to help me finish it?

it was a magnificent night! my husband really is so wonderful to me and makes me feel 100% like a queen! i am so thankful that Heavenly Father blessed me to get to marry him and have him in my life. dang im one lucky girl!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mosiah 2:17

  17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn awisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the bservice of your cfellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

the realization that my care-free, responsibility free, avid blogging days are coming to an end is beginning to set in. i have entirely enjoyed being able to spend my time at home doing many of the things that i love including; keeping up with friends, crafting, shopping, swimming and sleeping in. but those days are coming to a close. it is back to real life and i couldnt be more excited. getting home means spending time with family, missed friends, and spending more time with my husband (hopefully). i understand that going home entails much more than that though. it will also encompass school, work and church callings, but for some reason im finding myself giddy thinking about those things.
i am still nervous though. i have never been someone that was good at balancing my time. ask my family. i have no sense of urgency. i think i will have to look at life a little differently this semester. and ive been praying for help with this. i think Heavenly Father is hearing my prayers and i look forward to them being answered. 

ive been a little more emotional than usual the past few days. i think its because i do love my summer adventures, and i have been very blessed to grow much closer to sam. its a very bitter-sweet experience moving across the country for the summer. its bitter, because you are missing out on everything your family is doing: camping, boating, family dinners, etc. but its sweet because of that one on one time you get to spend with your spouse. i have had nothing more to worry about than if sam was happy. it has been a short experience but one i will long remember. 

i have also been thinking alot about service. this is a topic that is constantly in my thoughts. i think it is because of who my mom is. j-own is the prime example of service in my life. since i can remember she was taking care of everyone. she would clean, cook, babysit, talk to and love everyone and anyone that needed it. i am really thankful for her and how much of an influence that aspect of her personality has really affected me.

the reason i put a picture of my dad at the top of this post is simple. its been almost three years since he has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. my dad has had to endure an incredible amount of pain and discomfort since this time. he and our family have received NUMEROUS blessings from the experience of this disease. i wish that he was healthy and never had to deal with this disease, but we have been blessed beyond measure because of it. 

we always joke that when Heavenly Father was asking who would take what trials in the pre-existence my mom stood up with her hands in the air and said "you-who, we'll take that one" than sat down and because she was chatting with everyone around her said"now what did i just volunteer for." :) i sure love my mom and dad.

i understand that many of my posts have been very light and have talked about nothing more than what ive been crafting. but because i know my posts wont be as frequent as they have been, i want to give thanks to my Heavenly Father and all of you that have continually supported my family in these past few years.

since the news that my dad was sick became public, so many people have stepped in and showed an incredible amount of love and support to my family. we have had people fix cars without charge, pay for groceries, make dinners, bring treats, clean, do laundry, buy christmas for our entire family, clear remaining balances on bills, and most of all prayed for us. at one point a dear friend of mines father had my dads name on prayer roles in more than 15 temples. blessings have poured in from everywhere and everyone.

one of my favorite memories is from an anonymous letter someone sent the first year with the words "because i have been given much i too must give" written and $100. it may have been something small for someone, but it has made an incredible impact on me. little things can and do mean so much.

please always remember that. even if you cant do something big, sometimes a note or a phone call is all it takes to make a difference. 

my dad has stayed stable throughout the past three years with only small growth. this is a miracle and we know that only through Heavenly Father its possible. 
my dad gets his results from his most recent kat-scan tomorrow. this will let us know how his body is doing and if anything has changed. please pray for him. 

 i want you all to know how thankful me and my family are for you and your generous love and service to us. service is so important-i will always stand by that idea. use any chance you get to serve. your lives will be blessed 100 fold, especially when you need it. 

i love you all. thank you again.

(writing has never been one of my strong points, so i apologize that my thoughts are usually a jumbled mess turned into a blog post, but they are sincere.)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i ran over 2 miles today. and i liked it.

(this is a milestone for me)

what is the world coming to?

Monday, August 10, 2009

the pink chair.

well i finished my awesome thrift store find chair a couple of days ago... 
actually not quite. the harsh reality is we wont have room to take it home. 
so i finished it enough to give it a proper funeral before we leave. 
sam was right. i can admit it.


the AFTER:

i painted it pink. im not quite sure why but i actually quite adore it. the fabric came from unique as well for around 70ish cents. i painted. then sanded. then gave up because i wasnt keeping it anyways!

but honestly im not that sad because the reasons behind not fitting it completely outweigh the sadness of leaving the chair behind.
my brother-in-law dan and my lovely cousin allie are flying out to ride home with us! 
so we will have a full car of awesome people instead of awesome thrift store purchases!
im totally fine with that!

other items we will be leaving behind to fit our devoted travelers are: microwave, tote, hampers, little plastic shelf-drawers, hangers, a few pots and pans and im sure whatever else sam can talk me into ditching! we shall see.

i guess di will just have to redeem itself when i get home so that i can re-thrift things i couldnt bring home! :)

im happy. we leave town on saturday: first stop gettysburg.

ill fill you in on the details soon.

until then,

i love this little head :) (madagascar 2)

 oh joy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

baby p

dont worry. baby p, whether its a he or she is already getting spoiled!

i took these pictures when my family came. 
since then i have purchased even more! :) what can i say im an excited sister/aunt!
we are so excited for you taryn and ryan! we love you!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009



click here to find out why i cant contain my excitement!

i am so stinking excited!!! 


aunt kyrsten :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

another composition of thoughts and events.

i know its only been a few days, but i feel like because of my lack of posting i have so much to talk about! 

thank you everyone for all of your comments on my last post. i was really surprised with how willing everyone was to help! you guys are awesome and all of your advice is really helping in all aspects! 

sam and i now have a great idea of where we need to stop on our way home and cant wait because it is coming oh-so-soon! i will let you know our set in stone travel details when they actually get fully realized. 

also thanks so much for the encouragement in the weight factor. i know for most women its an issue that is always on our minds and its nice to know that many of you are dealing and dealing well with this part of life. thanks for all of the good advice and motivation! it is really really helpful for me!

and lastly i cannot wait to get home and get this craft night started! i know everyone that wants to be involved will have a blast! and for those of you worried about not being so crafty... dont worry about it. we can make it more than just a craft night but a fun GIRLS NIGHT! and we can all help each other out in the creativity area! copying is totally fine in the craft field! i do it all the time :)

i know most of my posts just have a bunch of topics and ramblings in one, and this post is no different. enjoy.

i want to wish sams dad a happy birthday! he is the best father in law i could have... even if he tricks me into eating grasshoppers, puts mice in my bed, makes me play Mary in the Christmas production and torments me to no end! i love him! he is such a fun, creative and driven person! 
we love you ken!

this weekend was a very fun one in the geddes household. we were able to celebrate our friend buerto's last day of work with an office dinner on saturday. after that we headed over to doug and sara's (sams boss) house to play games. our office is such a fun group of people and everyone loves to laugh. laughing is the best isnt it?

on sunday we went to sacrament meeting and then packed up and headed to virginia beach. we had such a fun time while we were there and met up with a few of the other guys in the office. 
we spent a few hours at the beach playing in the ocean. the sky was overcast and the water was freezing but we couldnt resist the smashing waves! 

after about an hour and a half in the water, a patrol man drove up to us and on his mega-phone said "everyone in front of me (us) should consider coming in. there are alot of indigenous marine life that come out at this time and i dont think you want to mess with them." 
thats all it took for us. we were out of there. caleb, one of our friends went and talked to the "officer" and sure enough he was DEFINITELY talking about sharks. YIKES. 
at least we didnt get eaten. but it was a close one. i think i would be pretty tasty :)

here are some sick blow-fish ornaments that a local souvenir shop was selling.
gavin, channing, sam and caleb
after the beach we all went and had dinner at a local pizza joint. we walked around the board walk, watched some street performers and enjoyed fireworks over the ocean. it was a great night!

the next day the entire office went to busch gardens. we enjoyed a fantastic day of roller coaster riding, sweet eating, stomach dropping fun.
kendra, mathis, travis, caleb and sammy
sam had an accident.

buerto, kelly, cardon, sam and doug
this coaster is called the griffon. holy crap. that drop is over 200 ft. at a 90 degree angle. wow. thats all i can say. it was definitely rad.
of course we had to get a carmeled apple. boy do i ever love carmeled apples.
awesome hats. or something. 
we had tons of fun this weekend and are sad that its over. but ready for another week and another day closer to coming home.
which by the way i promise we do like it out here a lot. we are just excited to be home with family and friends and all that jazz!

a while back a bought a bunch of green gerber daisy flowers at michaels for a steal. ive been trying to get things organized to head home and decided to use up the rest of the flowers so i made some more headbands. here are my latest creations.
and weird as it is my heart is fresh with love for everyone. i know that doesnt make sense. but its a good way to describe how i feel. i want you all to know i love you and appreciate all you do for me and my family. what a blessing it is to have good friends and good people in your life. 

until next time, all my love