Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the GRAND reveal!

remember how i showed you a little sneak peak of something MAGNIFICENT that my husband built?
well he is pretty much amazing!
let me show you just how talented he is!

sams cousins husband helped him build it and i am sooo happy about it! its our tv stand, but it wont really be used for another month until we move to utah.
i love everything about it! especially the metal! and i love my awesome husband!
it will look great in our future living room!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

the angels have landed.

post edit. i just whipped this little precious up. i just thought anyone who feels like using it can. i have never posted anything on here to be downloaded- so i dont know how but if you like this and want to use it you can. you can leave your email and i can send it to you through your email if you cant save it like this... and if you really cant get it to work send me a picture at kyrsten35@hotmail.com and i will place a picture for you. ITS FREE! i dont know if im making any sense but happy holidays!
(this card is meant to be used with a vertical photo)

its celebration time!
Sam, Brit, Addie and I had our weight loss contest. everyone did amazing! and between the 4 of us... 80 lbs were lost! oh yeah baby!

ok maybe I did loose the least amount of weight... but some is better than none right?
sam on the other hand is amazing.

in accordance with our bet, we celebrated our victory over obesity in VEGAS! :)
but our first stop was a dream destination for sam..

it was pretty amazing. and scary. and amazing.

these two are just a few of the drive into the park. we bought a national park pass this spring when we drove up the coast. it has been so worth having. if you go to a lot of parks get one! so great!
here are sam addie and brit getting ready for the big hike.
so hott right now. we are hansens of course.
the large cliff above us is where we are headed!

along the beaten path.
ook so funny. the hole brit is in... he tried to crawl through... he pretended like he was being birthed... who really knows, but i dont think i have laughed so hard in quite sometime!

oh man. funny. some hikers walked by right as he was hanging over like this. hilarious.

the leaves were beautiful. it looked like fall had just begun!
getting to the look out point before we hiked the summit.
angels landing is above addie and brit
ok maybe not so funny because supposedly a week before we came a girl did fall off.
ok again not so funny! actually quite freaky that brit was leaning over the edge so far!
its amazing all that is in between you and a 1000 ft cliff is a little chain to hold on to.
this is a little itty bitty place that you have to walk over. i wont lie i was the most freaked out at this point. on either side of you is a 1000 ft drop and again there is only a small chain to CLING to! those of you that have been on this hike can probably guess where im talking about.
he was in heaven! he seriously loved this hike! he loves the outdoors and everything in them and was like a kid at christmas! i think he would have hiked this with a broken foot if he had to!
we are getting closer to the top.... are you getting sick of my commentary yet?
addster and britton!
here we are at the very top! and sam just wasnt quite high enough he had to climb even higher. i couldnt even watch this because i was freaking out just a little inside. we were really high!

success. and we didnt even fall off.
it started to rain while we were up there so the hike down was a little more intense. the rock was slick and so was the chain. but we all ended up alive so its all good.

(have you been noticing our matching outfits? no it wasnt planned we are just awesome like that)

we had to celebrate with a little in n out and nielsens frozen custard. a perfect end to a perfect hike.

we ended the night at the korean bath house.
i will save you the embarrassment of pictures. ok ok no pictures were ever taken... thank heavens. but it was an insanely fun day! addie and brit are the best people to travel with. so much fun.
i will post the remaining activities in days to come. for now, just enjoy a few angels!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


my mom and i went searching for old suitcases on tuesday.
i love vain and vintage. really i do. but sometimes their prices are a little bit, well, pricey.
sometimes though, you can find real treasures for a great price.
like the lamps i showed a few posts ago- you know those cute milk glass ones- i got those at vain and vintage for $6. lovely.
on tuesday though i think i scored an even better deal.
2 lamps for $12 each. and trust me they are so cute. in fact, they will look really magnificent in that future room of mine...

now i need to find some great shades for them.

... im listening to christmas music right now... dont tell sam. he is one of those [no celebrating christmas until after thanksgiving] types. :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brianne Hall Imagery.

ok folks. i have a super beautiful and talented friend who just so happens to be a photographer here in pocatello.
her name is brianne hall.
she knows how to take some smokin' photos.
last night she took sam and i out on the town for about an hour and a half and got some great shots! and she already has them posted to her blog. now you know that is PURE talent if she has them posted the day after.

check out her blog! you wont be sorry.
dont be shy, tell us how beautiful we are! phfff...

i heart all of them though. for reals.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


holy crap its cold outside.
so cold that we just HAD to go to lava tonight to warm up.

oh yeah i have brown hair now too.

change can be so refreshing.

Friday, November 5, 2010

a place of love and beauty.

sometimes i just dream. dream up what a beautiful place my home will be someday. today has been one of those days. i have been dreaming of our bedroom.

yes, watching hgtv for the past 4 hours has probably contributed to this bursting desire.

the past oh i dont know 5 houses we have lived in, our bedroom has been completely disregarded. but im determined not to let that happen again.

i found these little sweeties at the di the other day. $1 each.

a nice coat of paint and removing those lovely silhouettes helped a little bit.
this blue looks really turquoise, but its not. its called bahama sea. and it is the best blue. dont believe what the pictures say, because the color is totally different.

a little more burlap art and a G for geddes- duh!
sorta cute.
im going to use this blue. a light baby blueish grey. white. black. red and burlap in our future room. at least for today thats my idea.
remember these? probably not. i got them like a million years ago for $7. yes they will be used. with lots of milk glass all over the place.
ok this is the bahama sea blue. but it still looks different.
and that baby blue. ah love it.

these are from google but my cutie grandparents just gave me two end tables that look similar. i think they will look fabulous in that baby blue color.
and hopefully a bed looking a little something like this too.

i want to make a burlap bed skirt. looking something like this. ah. whats with my burlap love these days?
(all images via google) minus the first 4

this is from one of my favorite new blogs called vintage revivals. i think without realizing it this was an inspiration for the colors im digging on for our upcoming sanctuary!

now i have to stop dreaming and start painting.

ps. do any of you know how to lead music? i just got a new calling and need to learn...


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

broskie. aka elder hansen

before jace left for his mission he asked me to create a blog for him so that friends and family would be able to see all of the exciting things he is doing as a missionary.

i finally did it. i will be catching up on his letters, pictures, mission call and pictures from the night he received his endowment.

check back often to see all of the awesome things this amazing kid is doing!

He leaves for Bolivia in the morning. That means i get to hear his little squeal of a voice! :) holy smokes i cant wait.