Tuesday, May 20, 2014

things i love about my baby

my baby likes to go. go. go. 
he always wants to be outside.
he always wants to run around.
he hates taking time to eat or sleep.
i read a friend's blog the other day and she posted different things about her kids that she didn't want to forget. i loved that idea. there are soo many things my baby does right now that i really love and really don't want to forget. 19 months (for the most part) is such a fun age!

gibson. i love the way you get into your little tent and tap the ground next to you until i get in it. you act so silly when we are in there together and fling your body all around. its pretty dang cute.

i love (and sometimes hate) how much you love being outside. you would live outdoors if i let you. every morning you go and get your shoes and put your pointer finger to your palm and say "peease" for some reason you took the sign language we tried to teach you for more and made it into your way of saying please. i love it.
you love animals. every time you see a puppy you stick your tongue out and pant. every time you see a kitty you do your cheesiest face and your biggest meeeeooowww. you always want to pet them and squeeze them and maul them. i dont love animals, but i love that you do.

i love it when you sleep. you are so peaceful and still and you give mom a much needed break.

you love the swimming pool. there is a little fountain there that you love to splash in. i love how excited you get to be by or in water.

we live close to an airport and you are fascinated with airplanes. you're always looking up trying to spot the loud noise as it screeches across our heads. you also love balls. you are most likely holding a ball or holding a car/train/airplane. you are such a boy. and i love it.

your favorite game is throwing leaves and berries into the pool. i'm sure the pool boy doesn't love it, but i think its pretty cute. every time we go outside we have to make the full circle. the pool is always the first stop.

i love how crazy you are about your dad. you two are the best of friends and have so much fun together. 

i love how much you love to play with your trains. its sort of turning into an obsession i think. you love to watch thomas and with a high pitched voice always toot like a train.

running. you love to run. another one of your favorite games right now is standing on a little hill and counting to three. i say one. you say two. i say three and then you run down screaming at the top of your lungs. i really, really love it.

every night when dad gets home from work you share a popsicle. you both love it. and i love watching you together. 

i don't love how quickly our little abode looks like a tornado went through it. but i do love that you like to play. you are always playing.

i love that your favorite place to drive your cars is on the windowsill. you love looking out the window and pointing to real cars and saying "truck". also, you are a little obsessed with those binkies.

you love to read. you don't love sitting still long enough to finish the book though. you always flip to the end before its over and then clap. its pretty funny. its ok, i don't really love reading either... 

i don't love that i have to trick you to eat every. time! it's one of my biggest frustrations as a mom. i recently bought a table cloth for you to sit on and will turn a movie on just so you are distracted long enough to eat something. most days i chase you around with a fork and shove food in your mouth as you run to the next room. sorry, there isn't much i can say about loving this...

i love that you want everyone to be your friend. if you ever see a little kid you say "hiiiii" and will run up to them and try to hold their hand or throw a ball to them or chase after them. its hilariously cute! i hope you are always as friendly and social as you are right now. i really, really love this about you.

really, you love your daddy. you love to play with him. ride on his back. throw balls with him. ride on his shoulders. pester him. oh you love to pester him and i think it is so funny. you know when he doesn't want you to do something, but you always see how far you can take it. i'm the same way, gib.

lately, one of your favorite toys has been balloons. its cute how you know where the unblown up balloons are and you ask for them. again, i love how you are always playing. 

you love your mom and dad. whenever we are hugging or kissing or close, you always have to weasel your way in the middle of us and give us a kiss or a giggle. its one of my favorite things. i love the three of us together. 

exploring. running. being a boy. you are so good at being a toddler and learning. i love that you really are pretty independent. 

you love fish. it was your first word and you have continued to have a fascination with them. you open and close your mouth to mimic a fish and say "shish" a lot. i love to hear your little voice. 

we have a little dry erase board and you always ask for it. you love it when i draw pictures on it and will point to the empty spots so that i will draw something else. you also really, really love that binky of yours. you call it a "bebe"and get so excited when you see it. it is 100% my crutch. any time you are whiney or frustrated i pop it in your mouth and you are fine... i really love it. but i guess since you are 19 months its about time to start the weaning... 

gibson i love you so, so much. i don't think i could ever tell you all of my favorite things about you. i want to remember this time in our lives forever. you are the sweetest, happiest, silliest baby. i am so thankful for you and your patience with me as i am learning through much trial and error how to raise you to be the best little boy you can be. always remember i love you.


Saturday, May 17, 2014


its been over a year and a half since i have been on this. blogging used to be something that i did on a regular basis. documenting (almost to a fault) every detail of mine and sam's life together. somewhere along the way it lost its luster for me though. i don't really know when or why, but my interest just slowly diminished.

i've considered and reconsidered starting to blog again, but recently looked on my profile and found an alarming, unwelcome and reoccurring visitor to this here blog. it makes me nervous to start blogging and posting pictures of my little family for the world to see. it was never an issue for me before, so why am i so unsettled now? most likely because i have a little babe who i love so much. so, do i just post and realize that regardless, people that i don't know and don't necessarily want to look at my blog, will. or do i make this blog private and start posting again. or do i do what i've done the past 2 years and write our adventures in other places?

i love the idea of blogging, because i can type as quickly as i can think and my pictures are all in one place (besides iphoto). i can print books and have tangible evidence that we lived our lives as fully as we could.

maybe im not blogging as much because i dont feel like my life is as adventurous or exciting as it once was. my days are spent bathing, cleaning, cooking and diaper changing. truly the best job in the world, but some days it can be a bit mundane. the reality is probably the fact that instagram is around now and i spend the majority of my time looking through peoples pictures there. when it is something as quick and easy as a single picture, why spend more of my already thin-spread time on more media. maybe because i like to see what the people i love are doing? i like to know details. just ask sam. he gets so annoyed by my incessant pestering after any conversation or activity he has that im not involved in.

our current status is dallas, texas. home of delicious food, friendly people and fire ants. the weather thus far has been perfection. not to hot and definitely not too cold. gibson and i spend our days watching movies, cooking meals, playing at the park, throwing leaves in the swimming pool and taking naps. i'd say its a pretty good life. 

so, here's to (possibly) rejoining the blogging world... beware that if i do there will be one too many pictures of my adorable child. 

peace. love. save the whales. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gibson scott

{photo credit: molly landon}

im a mom.

holy smokes. sometimes i still cant believe it. i cant believe that this perfect little human is mine. that he is in fact a human. 
i am completely smitten with this boy. and i cannot fathom that he has been in my life for almost 2 months. for only 2 months. 
its true, you forget what your life was like without them in it. and honestly im ok not remembering because life with him is ten times better.

sam and i had placed our bets when baby g would make his debut. my guess was september 28. sams was october 5. my due date was october 2. 
september 28 came and went and to my disappointment i was wrong. however that day i was feeling pretty tired. the few days before i had had a crazy burst of energy and was more productive than i had been in literally 9 months. some of our awesome friends brought us some ice cream that night and we went to bed early.
well at 2:30 am i woke up...
i had been dreaming, but knew i wasnt quite dreaming {i know it doesnt make sense}... and thought i had maybe peed the bed! yikes! so i got out of bed and realized my water had broke. 
amazingly i hadnt felt a single contraction up to that point. i am so grateful! however i had been diagnosed with group b strep, so my doctor informed me that as soon as my water broke or when my contractions were 7 minutes apart -whichever came first- i needed to get to the hospital to get antibiotics. 
so sam and i got ready {me slower than him} and made our way to the hospital about an hour later. around 4 am my contractions started. not too terrible at first, but oh man! people tell you it hurts, but i had no idea. around 7 am they measured me... i was only at a 1! what?! so my nurse told me to walk around. i only made it half way down the hallway and then my contractions were so bad i found myself  bent over in the hallway puking my guts out. not a pretty sight.
after a wheelchair ride back to my room, i begged the nurse to call the anesthesiologist for my epidural. OH THAT BLESSED EPIDURAL!!!
around 9 or 9:30 {i cant remember} i got the juice.
night and day. i went from the worst pain i had ever experienced to taking a nice little snooze.
at 12 noon i felt a lot of pressure and knew i needed to push. sure enough it was time. and at 1 pm on the dot my little babe was born!! everything went as smooth as i could have hoped. and trust me i hoped and i prayed!!!

september 29 2012 : 1 pm
7 lbs 6 oz 
20 1/2 inches long


it took us a few days to choose his name. i think we always knew it would be gibson, but for some reason we just needed to see his face. 

gibson scott geddes is the perfect baby. he sleeps, eats, is wide eyed for 30 mins and repeats. 

{this is obviously the condensed version of his birth story, but i figured i should get at least something out there!}

Saturday, August 4, 2012

becoming a mom

sam and i have been married for almost 5 years.
5 whole years. it seems like its been so much shorter. sam and i have been on so many adventures together in that time, and life up to this point has only been about him and i. 
but now, here we are those 5 years later, and we have a little boy to think about. we have a little boy that all of the sudden has taken hold of both of our hearts entirely. its during this 5th year that sam and i will start a new kind of love. a love that isnt just about the two of us, but about our little family, our little boy.

im so scared to become a mom. i feel so unprepared for this incredible life changing event to take place. but i am so excited. thinking about holding and loving this little boy that is the most precious gift anyone can receive is mind blowing to me. every time i think about it, my heart explodes with love. this little human inside of me, a perfect mix of me and sam is OURS. how is such an incredible blessing mine? this love, by far outweighs any fear i have of being the type of mother i know i need to be to this baby.

for some reason, i have always had the personality and mind set that doesn't think too far in the future. i am the type of person that thinks about the here and now. its been hard for me to imagine that this is real life. a baby will be born within the next 2 months of my life. and he will be MY responsibility. i am this little boys mom. and because in 2 months, im sure my life will be racing at 100 miles per hour trying to figure out this thing called motherhood, i want to remember these simple, albeit uncomfortable pregnant months. 

my memory definitely isnt one of the best, but i want to remember that my baby kicks most often in the mornings when i wake up and am laying on my side and in the late evening as i sit and wait for sam to get home from work. his itty bitty movements have turned into rolls and pushes like i never thought i'd feel. every single time something is on top of my stomach - like a book or a computer- he pushes up on it. sometimes he gets a bit shy though when it is a hand on my stomach trying to feel those pushes.

the past week has been so much fun to watch my belly make big, random jolts and movements. i can tell he doesnt have as much room to move around, so now we get to see those moves and grooves. 

while we were at the doctor on wednesday, sam and i sat in the waiting room watching in amazement as by belly moved from side to side. its honestly one of the coolest things to see. and i know when those movements are going to happen, because its almost like he gets stuck in one spot and there is a lot of pressure before a big turn or roll. 

i have said it for the past 14 weeks, but this kid has been killing my back. throughout this pregnancy i have been feeling really good, but my back. oy vay! tuesday sam surprised me with a prenatal massage. best gift ever! he has done so much for me. after working LONG days, sometimes he is the one that comes home and cooks me dinner, because i just have to lay in bed for awhile. heat pads, massagers, tylenol, anything i can think of i do. but sometimes it just makes me excited for the next 2 months to fly by.

so many women talk about how much they love pregnancy. its funny really, because even though i have had a great pregnancy i havent loved being pregnant. i almost feel guilty admitting that. i have loved feeling my baby kick and move and love the way my husband looks at me. he is the one that loves me pregnant. every day he tells me how much he loves it. which does make me love it more. but im excited for heartburn, back pain and fatigue to be gone. im sure that fatigue part will stay with me for awhile though while my baby learns how to sleep... 

i know i am just rambling now. i feel like there are so many things i want to remember on this journey to becoming a mom. i have been writing things down in other places, but sometimes typing away as fast as i can is the best resource. 

im so blessed to have the husband i do. this new little family of ours is exactly what i want. and becoming a mom is something ive always dreamed of. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

30 weeks

i love this little man. i cant believe we only have 2 more months until we get to meet him.

Friday, June 29, 2012

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 weeks.

im no good with blogger, and for some reason this is being cut off. just click on the picture and you can read what i have to say about 24 weeks... that is if you want! :)

im officially 26 weeks...