Monday, November 16, 2009


im so thankful that at the ripe age of 19 years-1 month-and 5 days old i decided to marry the man of my dreams.
i guess im a part of the mormon marriage statistic. and guess what? it was the best decision of my life to "join the crowd" :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

on your mark. get set. go!

"just cuz" i want you to know my husband is amazing!

on saturday he ran a half marathon! he has been training for a couple of months to prepare and it was well worth it! he did amazing!

my husband # 55 samuel t.

here he is just getting ready. he is talking with callie ward
steven and sam! gearing up!
the theme was flower power! some people really got into it. our group- not so much!
here they are warming up! get a load of the polka dot guy!

lots of flower power love going on here! they are starting their timers.
the entire 205 runners!
YIPPEE! sammy is done! he did a cart wheel through the finish line! he still had enough energy after running 13.2 miles!
he finished 89th out of 205 people. he ran it in a time of 2 hours 01 minute! i dont think ive ever been as proud as i was on saturday!

rob and britney did awesome too! they both ran it in great time!
showin off his just cuz pride!
steven sam rob and britney. they all did awesome!

i am so proud of these guys! what an accomplishment to run 13.2 miles! im going to try really hard to be in shape for the race next year!
WAY TO GO SAMMY! im so proud of yoU!

until next time

maybe ill go running?

Monday, November 2, 2009

this is halloween.

this is halloween




here are some spooooky fall photos i took on halloween day.

we had a pretty good night. it was kind of thrown together last minute, but we had a little halloween dinner party. it was fun and the food was awesome- thanks brianne for the delicious dinner in a pumpkin!
sam and i were bikers. me a cyclist. him hardcore. his facial hair was SICK.
i hope your halloween was full of tricks and treats.

even though i was very unprepared this year- i always love halloween. it is definitely my favorite holiday and time of year.

farewell halloween- until next year