Wednesday, April 25, 2012


as im sitting at my computer, completely overwhelmed with everything that i need to do in the next 48 hours, i cant help but think about how thankful i am. sam and i are at a time in our lives where every. single. bit. of what we have known is changing.
next saturday we both graduate college. the last 6 years of my life have been spent at isu. i have known each semester what i would be doing. taking tests- writing papers- designing- and doing it all at the last minute too. i would think that after 6 years of stress, i would learn. but no. its my final semester and here i sit with a 15 page paper, an entire college career's portfolio to put together, a presentation, a book to be made and tests yet to be studied for. stressed? oh yeah. happy? oh yeah. heck! i never really thought i would finish college. i never wanted to go to college to begin with, but my dad encouraged me- he told me how important it was to finish and now, here i am 6 years later doing just that. FINISHING! GRADUATING!

sam has worked so hard for this too. he is one of the best people i know. i dont think i know of anyone as willing as he is to do what it takes to succeed. he has been on the deans list pretty much every semester of school and has papers written a week before they are due! wow. we sure are different. he does it the right way though. 

next wednesday we find out what we are having. holy cow. im having a baby! that in itself is enough to be overwhelmed with gratitude about. when sam and i got married (almost 5 years ago) i thought we would wait a year to have a little munchkin and then start our family. but it didnt happen that way. we were too busy learning and growing together as a couple. we were to selfish. heck, im still too selfish, but i guess i dont really have a choice now! :) 
its been so fun seeing sam react to all things baby. i can tell he will be the best dad, and i am the luckiest woman to get to have him as my sweetheart. i sure love that baby daddy. 

so many other things in our lives are changing just as quick as i can type, but all of those changes are good. changes that are huge blessings in our lives. i wish i could express how thankful i am to my heavenly father, because i know all of this goodness and happiness comes from him. 

i am so grateful. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wait a minute!

when did this belly thing happen? isn't it supposed to be awhile still?

16 1/2 ish weeks

feeling great! minus the back pain and heart burn... any advice?

Monday, April 9, 2012


yep. im 15 weeks.

due october 2nd!

we are peeing our pants with excitement!!!