Friday, January 29, 2010

caution: post may cause vomitting.

no not really, this is just going to be a LOoOOng one! thats alright though because its been quite awhile since ive posted. A LOT has been going on in my life since my last post (actually long before that because that post didnt cover much).

by the way i want to thank EVERYONE for your kind comments on that post. im seriously so thankful for everything that you said and how you made me feel. i love my dad and from your comments i know you do too! i sincerely am thankful for all of you!

on with my post.

as of now im in columbus, ohio enjoying the newest addition to the palmer family. little stella rose. let me just tell you how much i love this little girl. she is the most precious thing ive ever seen and im so grateful that i get to be here and spend time with this little peanut. she was born on tuesday the 26th (also my grandpa normans birthday) thus giving her the nick name norma :). born at 6 lbs 4 oz and now 5 lbs 11 oz, she is so tiny. taryn and ryan are doing wonderful and they couldnt be prouder. we all just stare and talk about how cute everything she does is. even her little whimper cry is to die for!

ALL of my pictures are pretty random and out of order- but like i said this is such a long post that im not changing it :)

stella and mama all snuggled in a ballauntie kyrsten and the little peanut

look at how small she is

shag has a little cough so taryn requested a little caution :)

the first time i saw this sweetheart (excuse my apperance i was traveling all day)

i love her so much!

okie dokie.. heres what we've been up to since december. are you ready?

the biggest news (besides stella) in our lives is that sam and i have decided to take this semester off of school. it has been heavenly. its something that we have wanted to do for quite awhile and a week before school started decided to DO IT! both of us were registered and ready to go, but decided to go crazy! anyways this past month has been quite exciting and really relaxing. neither of us have any responsibility now- no school no work and sadly we were both released from our callings. our plan is to travel quite a bit and by so doing would be unable to fulfill our callings. its a bitter sweet thing for me. i loved the calling i had and all of the girls i worked with, so i will miss it, but to be honest it is a big weight off my shoulders. along with a calling comes a lot of responsibility and it was always on my mind (not a bad thing by any means) but i was always thinking about what i should or could be doing! the new relief society president is AMAZING though and she will do a fabulous job! ( for those of you that know devri 'ellis' larson)! yahoo!

this past weekend sam and me and our friends katie and jonny headed to bear lake to enjoy some relaxation. during which we decided to go sledding. i forgot snow pants so i made due with a few garbage bags

a couple of weeks ago andrea and i threw a bridal shower for my incredible cousin carli. this shower was seriously a BLAST. probably the funnest one ive ever been to. it was a 50's cocktail party! so much fun. we all dressed up in cocktail dresses and served drinks! (virgin) pina colodas and strawberry daquiries! then we set up a little photo area and took fun vintage pictures together. seriously we need to do this monthly just because it was such a blast!!

drinks anyone?

the food was divine

the photo area with vintage accessories

for thank yous we gave out vintage hankies-so cute


annie made aprons for the game winners. she is so talented!

the two kyrstens(kirstens)
do you love the sick mullet? i sure do :)

the shag and me

the blushing bride :)

at the beginging of january we headed to florida for a cruise with homeshield! it was an absolute blast! the weather was super crappy but the company was awesome! even though mother nature backfired on us, the people we were with were rays of sunshine!! :) so cheesy yeah?

sam and brit decided to help out a local store by being window mannequins! so funny a few people actually went into the store because of them.
of course we had to have a little key lime pie in key west.

these sweeties decided to try on a REALLY reaLLY big pair of pants together! the store worker wasnt so pleased with this.

we enjoyed jeep rides on cozumel. lots of fun seeing the ruins and cruizin around

we were all pretty cold and wanted to buy ponchos but they were $25 each. instead we bought these $5 blankets and sam asked the old guys for some scissors and wala we had ourselves some authentic mexican ponchos! it was pretty funny even the owner laughed!

i dont think you understand how much i love my husband!


they were so good they should have been street vendors
dancing our hearts out!
add and brit. sure love them.
i could put a funny caption here but i wont... im sure you can think of one yourself! :)
introducing the top ten salesmen! way to go sam!
they won champange for being in the newlywed game! so funny!
on to new years!
yep you get a kissing picture! WAHHOO!
i did love his beard!
we love love catch phrase! never a dull moment!
katie and jonny!
jaylyn andy and sadi (and half of kevin)

all the cousins go to bear lake a week before christmas every year and sled and eat and have fun.. heres jace in his savers full body snow suit so sick!

i got a sewing machine for christmas! with a little, ok a LOT of persuasion from sams dad i decided to make a quilt! this is about as far as ive gotten but it will eventually get done!
forgive my red eye- i left my contacts in far too long! someday ill get out of the habit
i made them do the dirty work

nicholas and sam
weve been able to do a little bit of skiing and snowboarding this winter, but most recently sam got me to snowboard. i havent tried since highschool, but tried on wednesday and i LOVED IT! it was seriously amazing and i will brag a bit and say im not too bad! :) im already carving!
we started a new christmas morning tradition with both families this year! silly string fight anyone?
sampson got a snuggie! oh how disgustingly awesome.
sam bought me this lovely picture of the logan temple. im in love
sam cut us down a christmas tree. i was a little sad i didnt get to go with him this year but he picked out a great one!
see i love it.
at the begining of december taryn came to idaho for a couple of baby showers this one is at her in-laws house!
the hansen girls! all 5 of us! :)

my beautiful cousin addie got married in december! she was one of the most stunning brides ive ever seen! i love you sister!
love this. rand dawg and add
the thomas family
dont be jealous of my killer shoes! i know they rock. and what makes them better is they only cost me $2!
this is at adds shower. it was a jungle theme and for party favors we gave goldfish. i dont know how the girls felt about it, but i thought it was pretty stinkin cute

it was a busy week for showers. my cousin emily and i threw taryn a baby shower too. oh my heck it was so cute and so fun! my cousin emily is so talented and my mom is of course a goddess too!

we made darling fabric bows and flowers for party favors. the theme was pretty in pink so everyone was showered in pinkness?! im not sure if that makes sense? anyways emily made the most adorable ones ever! check out her craft blog the rubber punkin- her button is on my side bar! trust me you wont be sorry!

thank goodness this was at the church we had alot of people there
neighborhood friends. i sure miss these guys.
and one more picture of this sweetheart!