Saturday, July 17, 2010


after spending 2 weeks with some of my favorite people. in 2 of my favorite places on earth, i have a lot of pictures to share.

it hasnt been long since we saw beautiful stella and lovely taryn last, but even still, it felt like 2 long!

right when the stells bells got here she wouldnt stop laughing. she loves when people fake cough and when you do she just giggles away!
i love this one, because taigen was laughing so hard that she was crying and you can see a little tear running down her cheek.
she is just precious
oh and 2 of the cutest girls around! :)
after the whole ordeal with my dad and 2 nights in the hospital later. we spent the 4th of july weekend in 1 of 2 of my favorite places. island park. oh how lovely you are. we have been going since before i can remember, spending all sorts of fun summer days floating the river (with leaches... yikes) roasting marsh mellows, riding motorcycles, eating eating eating, and going into west. it has been 3 years since ive been there and sam hasnt been in our 3 years of marriage. so it was about time!
every morning consists of the men cooking up some absolutely delicious breakfast usually consisting of bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, fruit, and whatever else they decide. 2 good! (ok now im just trying to insert 2's wherever i can)
i know im always in these red sunglasses but i stole them from jace who will be leaving for 2 years on september 1st. i gotta represent! :)
of course we spent a day in west yellowstone. this used to be my favorite thing to do while we were in island park. always delicious ice cream (pistachio for me) the dollar store, indian beads, screen print t-shirts, and pizza.

stella's little sunglasses. isnt she so cute?
kinda cute on her 2. and kinda buggyish...
i seriously have the coolest family.

oh yeah i pierced my nose while i was there.
sam did 2
sike! we love the dollar store in west.

my dad rested for the most part. but it was so good to have him there still. we took turns spending time in the trailer rubbing his legs and back. he loves when he gets his back rubbed. it is something i know i will always treasure. i have been able to spend a lot of one on one time with him in the past few months just talking about life and learning more about him and his testimony.
and lately he has been on a kick. maybe a few too many pain killers or something, but oh boy i have some good stories!

these 2 sure are cuties!

last summer my family started a family talent show. this year my cousin emily had the best idea to re-live our cheerleading glory days! 5 out of 6 of us were cheerleaders so of course it was only natural! :) bah! i think this was seriously one of the best moments of the trip. if the cheer wasnt so inappropriate i would love to share... unfortunately/fortunately thats the hansen family for you... inappropriate!
'she is normans trophy'
the kids had fun dancing and playing with sparklers at the talent show
oh man! this kid has MOVES! this is my cousin andy and his wife jens son tayson! he is a rock star! so funny to watch! we missed you andy and jen! and addie and brit!
i give sam a lot of crap about where he is from. preston... :) but really i love where he is from. it is one of the prettiest places.
these are from his yard.
sam and ken had lots of fun trying to get the moss out of the pond. they decided they wanted fish in it so that they could practice their fly fishin skills. in preston they have skills... have you ever seen napoleon dynamite?... bow staff skills, numb chuck skills... something like that
i just love these 2. look at that scrunched face!
we had to spoil these 2! it has been over a year since we saw them! it has been so much fun spending time with them and enjoying their fun little personalities!
we spent a night at downata! wow, its been a long time since i have been there.

man she is cute! so funny too.
so is he! every time i would say 'gabe, let me take your picture' he would do this pose!

he loved dunking sam! i do 2! its funny how once you get in a pool you want to act like your 12 again and just dunk the crap out of other people... or is that just me?
after we spent a few days in preston we headed to another of my favorite 2 places. bear lake.
we had a big family reunion and big it was. i love being with family. especially when i havent seen them in forever. i havent been to bear lake in the summer time (at the beach) for 3 years either!

some of the arizona clan!
isnt she precious? she always interlocks her little fingers like this. oh man.
aunt shana and grandma. some of the sweetest ladies

all the kids! well the younger generation.
my cousin landon. he is always a crack up.

i have the best brother.
and husband.
taryn has a picture of all the hot dogs on her blog, i think this picture is of her taking that picture. :) i just thought it was funny!
little bear ears.

when we got home, we enjoyed a lunch with some of our old neighbors. they are still like family to us. always so much fun to see them and reminisce

wednesday night my little brother went through the bountiful temple. what an amazing experience. we missed ryan and taigen, but it was so wonderful to have my dad there with us. the temple just gives you another reassurance that families are eternal. and that no matter what happens, that is the truth! jace is going to be the most outstanding missionary. he has wanted to serve a mission since i can remember.
a boy in my aunts ward just got back from bolivia on his mission- a different mission but still... and he came and talked to jace about the culture and what he can expect and showed us pictures. it got me so excited so im sure jace is on cloud 9 looking forward to such a great experience.
i know he is having a hard time knowing that he is leaving for 2 years with my dad's health and all. but i also think he knows that no matter what happens, serving a mission is what he needs to be doing. im so pround of him! im so grateful for the men in my life.
we are super models!

life is good. i know my last post didnt seem like i thought so, but my family is so blessed! thank you for all of your prayers. i can feel them. and i know my dad can too. i love you all.