Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breaking News

Sam and I have been chatting with our friends Rob and Brittney here and there about a trip we would like to take... I know I know your thinking KYRSTEN YOU MENTION TRIPS ALL THE TIME THAT NEVER ACCTUALLY HAPPEN. Yeah your right... at least not for the moment. Anyways tonight our friend Rob said that he recieved an email telling him that round trip tickets were on sale for $200.00... so Sam called me and said what do you think... I SAID DO IT! :) so for spring break we are taking a WONDERFUL VACATION... where to your wondering???...............................................................................................................................................


Thats right! We are way excited! Kinda did it on a whim, but we couldnt be happier! If anybody knows of some great places to go please let us know!! It might not be super exciting to everyone else but we are STOKED. we have both always wanted to visit there and it will give us a great opportunity to see lots of new things!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some of my favorite sites

so im not very computer savvy, and to be honest i dont look at a ton of websites besides blogs... and although these arent sites- they're blogs, lately i have been OBSESSED with these 2...

  • Simplicity Photography this photography blog is AMAZING! i dont think i have ever seen more beautiful photography! i could spend hours looking at her images! so talented! and i really wish i could take some classes from her! wouldnt that be nice!

  • Nie Nie Dialogues this site is a woman who is so ispiring to me. between her romance, kids, photography, and home decor I LOVE IT! ... recently her and her husband were in a private plane crash... both are still alive but in critical condition and continually being treated. it's such a sad story, but from her blog you can tell she was/is such an outstanding woman!

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a few thoughts

Here are some photos for your enjoyment!

Sam and I Carving some SMASHING PUMPKINS

Here are some of our WONDERFUL friends
Our nice looking pumpkins! dont worry the good ones arent mine and sams! :)
Sam was in the HOMECOMING PARADE unicycling! HE had tons of fun

Sammy is a major mountain biker, but sometimes its a little muddy...
Here we are with our new computer! we are so happy we have it!

Well, life has been going at a steady pace. We haven't been feeling too overwhelmed, but at the same time I feel like life is FLYING! Its already the middle of November and I don't know how! Life has been really good though! We are both working... Sam still at ISU which he really gets bored of, and me at Farmers. I enjoy my job, because its everything that I like doing! Its really interesting how school is working out for both Sam and I. As I was walking out of my graphic design class today I thought to myself "Wow I get to do this for SCHOOL!" I love it! Sam is really enjoying his classes too and he does REALLY well! I'm really impressed with his talent in speaking. I'll brag for him... but he has a so-called really HARD teacher... ya know one of those that never give A's! Anyhow each of his speeches so far... he has gotten A's. Everyone thinks its pretty amazing... including me! We have been having alot of fun... For Halloween we had a party, and Sams brother Dan came and we had a hypnosis show. SO FUNNY. For those of you that have been dying to know what we decided to be.... we were EMO!!! ha Sam looked CLASSIC i loved it! For those of you that are LOST fans... He reminded me of CHARLIE! That might bring up another thing that we have been doing.. we are obsessed with LOST.. maybe its me thats obsessed, but Sam really likes it too. I recommend it to everyone!
On another note... This year was my very first time EVER voting, and I'm really glad that I did it.. Regardless to if my vote mattered in this Republican state, I'm still glad that I lived up to my civic duties! :) Although my candidate choice was not chosen, I will be interested to see how everything turns out. Even if I dont agree with everything he thinks or does, hopefully I can support him as our President. As for proposition 8... I feel sad that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is being looked at and treated like the "BAD GUYS". Its true everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, but I guess as a member stand point, our Prophet and President of the church asked each of us to support a certain cause, and I know that what he asked us to do came DIRECTLY from God. Its funny that over 10 years ago The Family A Proclamation to the World came out, and now we (the church) are being directly persecuted for something that we knew was going to happen. It isn't a coincidence that we have this important revelation to remind us of what is right and true. Im thankful that I know how important FAMILY is, and I am REALLY thankful to all of those who live in California who were so willing to stand up for the Church's beliefs!.... Ok ill be done with that topic, but I guess I just wanted to state how I felt about the topic.
Well i hope you are all doing well! and im sorry if this post was a little boring, but its just a few thoughts.