Friday, May 16, 2008

POINTE... welcome to my life

Dont get me wrong. I am definately enjoying Chicago.. but honestly all we have done since we've gotten here is WORK! holy moly! :) sam goes into work everyday at 10:30 I go in at 11:30 and we both get finished around 9-9:30. Talk about exhausting days. I guess that is what we set out to do this summer though right. Sams job description= find pests. exterminate pests. make lots of MONEY! Mine= answer phones. use the computer. file papers. Thrilling right? ok i know i sound very negative and i apologize. life is good! Im so excited for my family to come in like 10 days! we are going to have a BLAST! Wicked, the cubs game, Nauvoo, so much fun will be had! By the way for those of you wondering sam is doing awesome with his sales! he is a very persuasive man! :) well we love you and hope life is good with all of you! keep us updated on whats going on! we miss you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


well everyone! WE'VE MADE IT! we are officially living in here! i know its pretty weird! we had a LONG drive! for those of you who have never made the drive here... i reccomend to keep it that way! wyoming and nebraska are perhaps the most boring states ive ever encountered! ha but it was a good drive to be with sam! we listened to a book called The Life of Pi on tape and that made the time go by a little quicker! Our apartment is pretty nice we have a lot of luxuries that come along with it like 2 fitness centers, a swimming pool, a computer lab, a theatre, and sand volleyball court, and a beautiful huge pond in our back yard. so it really is a good place to live! its been fun unpacking and putting everything in its proper place! our closest is HUGE!!!! its almost half the size of our bed room! you know im loving that! its fun living with a baby! For those of you who dont know we are sharing an apartment with another couple... rent out here is like $1400 a month so we decided sharing wasnt such a bad idea! its been fun! sam started work yesterday and has already made 4 sales! he is amazing! i love him so much! and in case you were wondering... i start work today! yipee! ha well i hope you guys are all doing well! we love you and will miss you! but we will see you soon! have a fabulous week!