Saturday, April 30, 2011


ive always been terrible at procrastinating. and when i say that im not kidding.

i think its become a really serious problem in my life. maybe after 5 years of college im just ready to be done.
you know its bad when you have a 10 page paper due at 5 pm and you start it the same day.
wow. im an idiot.
but 10 pages EXACTLY later and 4:50 pm it was submitted. yes. sometimes i surprise myself.

but i DO NOT recommend these incredibly irresponsible habits of mine. i become a crazy person when i feel the stress and pressure of my stupidity.

let that be a lesson to you.
really, im not quite sure what the lesson is...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

mothers day.

mothers day is coming up.

im planning some great things to make this mothers day really special for my sweet j-own.
she recently re-decorated her room. i made this print especially for her and her new sanctuary.

cant wait to show you everything i have planned.
i wish i could give her and do for her everything she deserves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a sister named shag.

ok so shag isnt technically her name, but it should be. taigen just doesnt do it for me :).

anyways it was this lovely ladies 17th birthday today. HOLY SMOKES... 17!!! what the? i was 17 when i graduated. tooooooo crazy.

shag? is that what you are wondering? well it goes a little something like this:
taigen=taggen=shaggin wagon=shag. simple!

shag is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. everything about her is radiant.
her eyes, her pearly whites, her blonde hair, and her tiny little figure. - i want to look just like her.

when we were little she didnt really like me... i dont blame her. i was kind of a monster to her. jealous that she got all of the attention ya know being the youngest... and the cutest. (jace was pretty cute too)
ahhhh look at that picture. i just want to gobble her up.

she has turned into such a lovely person. i am so grateful that i am her sister.
when taigen was young she had a friend named kylee... they both had red(ish) hair. they would fight, and then call each other and say "i'll meet you at the sawtooth sign"... haha it was a sign on the corner of our street right in front of our house.

she would sit on this little play kitchen thing a look out the window and talk to her imaginary friends. i make fun of her for it, but i really do think its sooo cute.

she always saved wedding announcements and documents of all kinds... she could play with them for hours pretending like she was a wedding planner or some other type of professional.

she is good at everything she does. one minute she can be a cheerleader then decide to be a volleyball player then get asked to plleeeeaaase be a cheerleader again. she is also in student government and on the seminary council (committee whatever it is...)

she has a REALLY adorable little boyfriend named grady. he isnt really little but he is adorable. and he treats her sooo well. im glad she has him.

she and i can have fun doing just about anything together. we can also drive each other just about crazy. im really good at getting on her nerves... no way?!?!

she is beautiful and strong and has sooo much faith. i am so grateful that i can call her my sister and see how she progresses and makes good decisions.

i know she will be successful in anything that she does (like hair... come on please!!) and i know that she will make a wonderful wife and mom some day.

thats another thing... she is AMAZING with kids. AMAZING. they all LOVE her... especially stella and it kinda makes me mad!! :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

love notes.

sam left this morning for virginia.

he is amazing.

truly, i dont know how i got so lucky.

when i got home tonight i found this sweet note folded under one of the chairs i re-did.

and another one above the bathroom mirror.

it turns out these notes are hidden all over our apartment for me to find in the coming weeks.

lucky indeed.

i love you sam. thank you for being my best friend and biggest support.

in case you were wondering-

our plan for the future= cut my internship a bit short and join my husband for a summer in the sun.
crazy? perhaps. but we feel like this is whats best for our family.

there are soooo many other elements to this decision. its nuts. if you care to know: lets do lunch!

seriously, if you want to come to salt lake i have an open house and would love the company! {feeling sorry for me? good! now come stay with me. and bring all your friends. it will be a party}


Saturday, April 16, 2011


once my brother had a crush on this girl.
he texted her in his sleep.
the text read- NEGOM:)

the next morning she texted him back... WHAT?

nobody knows.

our family now says NEGOM:) for most everything. especially when we want to express our love for each other.

sooner or later i will start a graphic design business called NEGOM:).

hopefully sooner.

2 weeks?

WOW. its been 2 whole weeks since i have updated this little thing. that must be a record for me?

not that i havent been scouring over everyone else's blogs every free minute i have though.

life at the geddes home has been pretty normal.

actually we took a fabulous trip to the red rocks of moab, utah last week with some of sams family. it was so beautiful. if i had the pictures downloaded on the computer im using at this moment i would share. fear not... i will post them shortly.

ok normal wasnt the right word. its becoming very un-normal.

life as we know it is about to change. sam leaves tomorrow for virginia beach for the summer.
i am sad. no, very sad to say the least.

i just keep saying/thinking/pretending that time will go by quickly. i hope it does.

until then, i wont be cooking or cleaning. hey, if im by myself who needs it!
like ive said before... i love panda express.

on a completely unrelated note-
one of my biggest {if not my biggest} pet peeves is when someone smokes in their car with children in the back seat.
hello!?!?! are you trying to kill your kids? its disgusting really.


Friday, April 1, 2011

a sister named taryn.

i have an older sister named taryn.
today is her birthday.
she is old {25} but i feel like she should be older.
maybe because she was always like a second mom to me.
sometimes i liked that. most times i didnt...
especially when we were in high school.
she was responsible. i was a brat.
i never wanted to listen to her.
even though i didnt like to listen to her, i loved being around her, i always wanted her approval, and i always wanted to be doing exactly what she was doing.
i still do.

we always had a lot of fun together. even when her and lacy shepis wouldn't let me play barbies with them in the sewing room of the basement.
we played on the swings and the tramp all the time. {my mom really liked to dress us alike}
taryn liked to tan on the tramp. i pretended like i did too because i wanted to be doing what she was... truth is it was BRUTAL for me.
tt {thats what i always called her} and i {kk} creative i know... are so different from each other. she is much more reserved and classy and well... im often too loud and eccentric! but i know that she loves me even still. and i love her.

"A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double." ~Toni Morrison

i love to talk to taryn whenever i have a chance. anytime anything exciting or not so exciting happens she is one of the very first people to know.

"What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?" ~Jenny DeVries

we would fight like animals sometimes. especially when it came to clothes. we had a rule in our house that if you had something new the other sister couldn't wear it until you had... sometimes we would break that rule. that was the basis of most of our fights.

"If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and cannot catch your eye, she's wearing your best sweater."~Pam Brown

there is a funny story from my high school days... i went through this weird stage in life where i liked to sit on the floor of my bedroom {in the dark} listening to loud music. quite strange i know. one day while doing said activity my mom throws open the door, flips on the light and sternly asks, "Kyrsten! Are you doing DRUGS???"hahhaha i about laughed my tooshie off... i yelled at taryn to come and hear what my mom just asked me! we couldnt stop laughing. {and NO i wasnt doing drugs!}

"When mom and dad don't understand, a sister always will." ~Author Unknown

i am forever grateful for the treasure i call my sister. she has always been one of my very best friends and im so lucky to have that relationship grow and strengthen as we get older!

"A sister is a forever friend." ~Author Unknown

i love you tt! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!