Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a love tap.

well i needed to waste about 30 minutes before i went on a visit, so i decided to stop at one of my favorite stores Vain and Vintage... anyways i usually park on the right side of the one-way street but saw an opening on the left without any cars around.. so i thought oh i'll park there today... bad idea..

i walked into the store and about thirty seconds later heard a horrible screeching/grinding noise and then a loud bang.. OH NO.

i ran outside to see a spinning tire and a man yelling that tire hit that car.. ha oh jeeze!

a boy got the tires on his truck rotated today.. but i guess it wasnt properly fixed. as he turned the corner the tire flew off and rolled into the back of my car. sad. its not tons of damage, but enough that i want it fixed... a few scratches, a few dents, and a few scuffs.

good thing LES SCHWAB is paying for both the damage to my car and the other kids. 

needless to say... i didnt go on that visit. :)

oh yeah sam and i got dinosaur tattoos. awesome.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a warm day and a wonderful family.

It was my LOVEly mother in laws birthday yesterday, and we all surprised her by going to THANksGIvING POINT! I had NEVER been, and I must say it was WOnderful,  and I'm very GLad we went.

my mother in law with a rose sticker on her nose pretending like she is a RHINO!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE are So THankfUL for you! WE lOVE YOU!

The FamilY! Shauna, Ken, GABE (on the shoulders), sammy, dan, Victoria(baby) and Katy
The man-made water falls
The BeauTIful BlossomS
Shauna and baby vica!

SomE FOuntain thing

The family again

Me and GaBEE

Im So THANkful I was blessed with SUch an awesome family. 
I really did marry into a gREAT one!

Monday, April 20, 2009

go shag go shag

Its Your biRthdaY.
it was my little sister taigens birthday on APril 19th.

Shag. You rock. YOu are an awesome newly 15 year old with great hair and a spunky attitude.
I love you. I always have fun with you. 

I'm grateful that I've always had a little sister who is 11 going on 22! :)

Saturday we went to wingers for a BiRthdAy dInnER! 


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Doesn't this look like a lovely place to visit?

Well... we are going in JUNE!!! YAY!

My family has decided to take a trip for taryns graduation and my grandma and grandpas 50th wedding anniversary! 

We are SOOO excited.

Sam and I went here on our honeymoon. But I could LIVE in CANCUN!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a new chapter.

Quote from President Spencer W. Kimball:  Let me enumerate some of these blessings, pronounced upon the (Relief) Society by the Prophet Joseph Smith:

1. This society, a society of sisters, is organized “according to your natures. … You are now placed in a situation in which you can act according to those sympathies which God has planted in your bosoms.” (HC,4:605.)

2. “If this Society listen to the counsel of the Almighty, through the heads of the Church, they shall have power to command queens in their midst.” (HC, 4:605.)

3. “If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates.” (HC, 4:605.)

4. “Knowledge and intelligence shall flow down from this time henceforth.” (HC, 4:607.)

5. “This Society shall rejoice.” (HC, 4:607.)

My heart is full as I begin a new chapter in my life. Sunday I was sustained as the new Relief Society President in my ward. What an overwhelming responsibility to be given. However, I know that the Lord has called me for a purpose and I am ever grateful to accomplish whatever that purpose may be. 
I have always been thankful for the Relief Society and the leadership that has been in all of my wards. I know that Heavenly Father gives inspiration to those called to serve Him and His purposes. I'm so thankful for my previous Relief Society President who has set such a wonderful example for me to follow.
I'm scared. I admit it. But I know that if I rely on the Lord and the Spirit, I can serve Him diligently and meaningfully. 
Many of you may wonder (like I did) why I would be called to this position if I am moving in less than a month... Well my bishop advised me on the importance of good counselors that can and will take over some of my responsibilities while I am gone for 3 months. I am so excited to serve with these sisters and I know they will do a wonderful job!
If any of you have advice, I am fully willing and ready to listen to it. I love the sisters in my ward and cannot wait to serve them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

i did something crazy today.

I think i am going through an early 20's crisis or something. the follow picture will show you why. I have felt for awhile that I was ready for a make-over of some sort.

I would love to look like her. but that probably wont ever happen.. so i settled for her hair instead!

Yes its a little longer.. because I didnt think I could go that short... but its new.. and fresh. I havent decided if I totally love it yet.. but. im glad i just took the leap!

I know not the best pics of it.. but what do you think?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

30 minutes with joni

So as MANy if not ALL of you know my mother is amazing... at EVERYTHING she does!
anyways... for some reason in my decorating, i have avoided our bedroom. i dont know why this is, i just havent done much... ok anything with it. so i was talking to my mom on the phone and we started talking about how something really needed to be done with it. 
i went to my moms house... we looked around for little things she wasnt using. and found some material that i had boughten FOREVER ago and decided to do a little something new...

i think for stuff lying around the house and 30 minutes it turned out pretty good.

here is the before shots.. i know it embarrassing.

and seriously 30 minutes later heres what it turned out as. its a little different now. i got some lamp shades finally and a few more pillows. but my room is a disaster so you dont get updated pictures.

i think for a quick fix it turned out pretty good. thanks to a master. J-OWN

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I promise we really went.

you are all probably thinking.. ok she is lying they didnt even go to new york. but i promise we did. im just a slow poke at posting. here are some collages of our awesome days. for some reason days 1-3 pics are screwed up... but ive t
ried to fix them for 15 mins and i have no more patience.. :)

Some of the pictures show sam with some wacky ears on... well they are from our new FUTURE SISTER IN LAW ABigail! Sams brother Decker got engaged the weekend before we left and she gave sam these ears! ANyways congratulations to DECKER and ABIGAIL! we are so excited for them!
Day 1... we flew out of SLC at 6 am. flew to Denver. and finally got to NYC at about 5:00. We met rob and britney at our hotel in CHINA TOWn.. took a walk through the awesome street vendors. went to the brooklyn bridge. went to little italy. and bought purses! I got some way cute ones! Day 2... we had a really busy day. we started by waking up and going to the REgis and Kelly show. most of my pics are pretty blurry but it was really fun to go and see how things work. the studio is really small. but it was fun to go. after that we went to central park. it was really beautiful and fun to be there.
continuing with day 2... after the park we went to the metro museum. it was really neat. there was some picasso, jackson pollock, and andy warhol. after that we went to the phantom of the opera. it was so much fun! so amazingly done. it was just so classic and wonderful.  

day 3... i think was even busier. we went to the statue of liberty and ellis island. what a cool place to visit. we were able to buy little ear phones to take us on a tour of the island and it was honestly really neat to hear the stories of the immigrants. after this we walked down to ground zero. it really wasnt what i expected. there were lots of cranes everywhere but there are large fences with billboards all over so you can barley see inside. still it was neat. after that we went to the empire state building. ok this was also not my favorite thing. i had been getting sick that day, and was just not feeling up to alot. anyways we had to stand in line for almost 2 hours. we had purchased tickets already in advance so that wasnt even in the ticket line. after we got to the top i really needed to sit down. the guards or whatever they were made me stand up and said that no one could sit. boo. i had to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet for a little bit. so the moral of the story is... dont go to the empire state building. go to the rockafella and go to the top of the rock. SO MUCH better. NO LINES. and sofas and benches everywhere. plus you can see central park and the empire state building. your not as high but you get the gist of it all.
day 4 was probably my favorite day. at this time rob and britney left to go see robs sister. so sam and i went to the new york temple. wow. what a wonderful experience. im so thankful that no matter where you go the church is still true. it was amazing to be outside and be in all the crazy fast paced action and then go into the temple and feel a complete peace. i love our church. after that we walked around the city and saw lots of really neat things. That night we went to the LiON King.. let me just say AMAZING. i absolutely loved it.! it has probably been my favorite show of all time. wow. if you have the chance to see it. i highly encourage you too.
day 5... it was sunday so we went to church. the church is in the same building as the temple so it was neat to go back. after we went to the museum of modern art. at first sam and i were wondering why we decided to pay $40 to see it. The first thing we say was card board hooked together... ok that is not art. i dont care how modern you are. :) but as we continued through the museum we both really ended up liking it. again there was a TON of picasso and andy warhol. i love andy warhol. thats the campbells soup cans. after we went to sams favorite show STOMP. this was really awesome. they make music on like garbage cans and lighters and sacks and everything you can think of. if you know sam you know he is always beating his fingers and feet on things so he really enjoyed it. i love him. after we went to hard rock in times square. it was fun as usual. not that it usual to go in times square.. but you know what i mean.
day 6... it was kind of a bummer because early in the morning we decided to go to a crepe joint.. we made it all the way up town and when we got there it was closed. so we decided we were going to go to the air boat and space museum or something like that and we made our way there... and it wasnt opened either! jeeze. :) anyways we still had fun roaming around nyc and decided we would go to wall street. that was fun to see and we went to another little museum there. we also went to washington park where some of august rush was filmed and saw the little arch. we went to FAO Schwarz the biggest toy store and played for a bit. after we went to ROCKAFELLA again and went to the top. and then went ICE SKATING! oh my heck i loved it.. too bad my camera died right before and so we only got cell phone pictures! so much fun. after we went to bubba gumps. yum.
day 7... rob and britney met us back in the city. we again went to rockafeller because brit hadnt seen it. it was fun. then we went to the ground zero museum. this was interesting because it was more of a photo gallery in the photographers apartment. but it was still worth going to i think. he was a commissioned photographer for the nyc fire department (i think) so it wasnt like it was just some guy. anyways after we went to central station and then it was off to the airport.

our flight went well to denver but once we got there our flight got cancelled due to something wrong with the plane. the airline got us a hotel, meal vouchers, and $100 each for a future flight. so it really was ok. the next morning our flight left at 6 am again. 

We had so much fun. im so thankful that sam and i were able to go to new york. it is definitely a world away from pocatello. i definitely needed a vacation after our vacation. Thanks sam for a wonderful spring break!

sorry this post is SOOO long. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


we are home... our trip was a BLAST. in fact it was AMAZING. i will have to post pictures and everything later.. i have missed 3 days of class and have a BUTT LOAD of homework to do.. i just wanted to wish my cute sister TARYN a wonderfully HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you are an awesome sister and i love you!

TAryn is beautiful, so smart, so fun, and overall just a wonderful example! i love you sis!