Wednesday, December 30, 2009

we're alive

heres proof.

happy new year. ill see you soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

its been a heck of a week.

ill post the juicy details after my finals are over.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

if you were 80

what would you do for your birthday?

well sams grandpa t decided he wanted to go cruisin'.

so thats exactly what we did.

but first we stopped in joshua tree for a visit to jenny and nicholas'

then it was cruise time.
here we are opening grandpa t's gifts. shauna made this incredible book. everyone wrote grandpa a letter with a memory or whatever they wanted. it had pictures and everything! so awesome!

grandma t

i love this picture! sam took an aloe vera leaf and made it look like a dinosaur tail! (if you couldnt tell :))

we enjoyed a nice day of karaoke! i sang my heart out to dancing queen!
at thanksgiving dinner.
singing family songs! it was lots of fun to be introduced to new traditions!

we had lots of fun!

And i cant forget to give a little congrats to these three sweeties!

allie aka alice got her mission call- Madrid, Spain! she is going to be the best missionary out there. not only is she the sweetest girl you'll ever meet but she is the most solid down to earth person you could know!
and miss carli aka carcus! shes getting married! Cody is one lucky man! carli is the most tender and loving person in the world! she is so much fun to be with and will make an amazing wife!

and ADDIE! she is getting married next week! she is just the best in every way! so wonderful!

i love you girls! congratulations on all the excitement!

i hope you all had a good thanksgiving.

its december... holy crap.