Thursday, May 24, 2012

21 weeks, shag, texas

(i stole this picture from her facebook)
my little sister shag graduates from high school today. holy smokes! i wish so much i could be there to let her know im cheering her on! but hopefully she knows that i love her and am so so excited for her. she is going to have so much fun in college and will make so many fun memories. she is beautiful and radiant and makes everyone around her feel loved. 

have fun today shag! its the beginning of the rest of your life! and you are gonna rock it so hard!


oh yeah. we are living in texas. and i love it here. but its hot.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

cinco de graduation

on saturday we graduated!


holy smokes! its about time.
oddly enough i had lots of bittersweet emotions about it all. i am so excited to be done with HOMEWORK, but sad to be leaving this stage of our lives. 

its been pretty carefree. and now real life starts.

sam has been pretty sad about it. i cant blame him though. every single professor he had thought the world of him. he was such a good student. i dont think a bachelor's degree will make due for him. it looks like more school is in our future.

im glad its him and not me! 

sams cousin rob graduated from pharmacy school. and my cousin angie graduated with a mass comm degree like me. it was quite the cousin event.

although the 3 1/2 hour ceremony was excruciatingly long for this pregnant woman, i am sooo happy we decided to walk. it made it seem so much more real.

sams mom and dad

shaggy mom and paul

sam and rob. they have been the best of friends for a long long time!

we had to have a unicycle shot!

it was such a windy day for pictures. and i hate that unfinished chimney looking sign. 

we both graduated from the college of arts and letters. it was pretty neat to get to sit by each other and walk with angies name called, then mine, then sams. all in a row.

afterwards we had a big ole party. lots of people came to show us their love and support. we are sooo lucky to have such an amazing family and so many wonderful friends!

alice. carli. lizzy. annie. addie. rachel. me. mj. kirsten. and lots more that didnt get a picture.

austin. mckay. weston. tanner. brit. dan. brandon. sam. jed. 

also, thank you to everyone for so many kind words congratulating sam and i on all of the exciting things happening in our lives right now. we really do feel soooo very blessed!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

best day ever!!!

im not kidding either. 

i finished my last final EVER!!!!

and got to get a glimpse of this little squirt.
holy smokes! i am so smitten! 

HE sure is a rambunctious little fella already!! :)