Thursday, December 30, 2010

check it out baby.

when my nephew was little and thought something was worthy of our attention he would say...

"check it out baby!"

one day after he had said that phrase i said, "gabe, where did you learn that?"

he answered... "from your dad kyrsten!"

he had never met my dad.

i couldnt stop laughing at his response. this phrase is regularly used in the geddes household now.

now i want you to look at something that is worthy of your attention!




arent you so in love with these beauties? i am. and the best part. the grand total of both chairs completely refinished was 12 dollars!!!

chairs- free... sold at the di for 5 dollars each... neighbor bought them and gave them to my mom who in turn gave them to me!

fabric- pretty much free at this point... i bought it before sam and i got married to make a bedspread but it never happened... a lot like many of the projects i plan to do.

primer and paint- 2 cans of each. total 12 dollars!

im in love. and they are going in our new apartment which we just so happen to move into on saturday.

all words to describe how im feeling at this point.


{sorry the pictures are no bueno... someday i will get better ones. like when they are in their proper place}

Sunday, December 12, 2010

christmas came early this year.

and for next year.
and for the year 2012.
ok. probably for the next 10 years.

but we are oh so happy about it. {especially sammy}

meet auntie j.
she is our new {old} vw vanwagon westfalia camper.
she is a beauty.
i guess we took the whole living in our car thing really seriously.
except we wont be living in her. just road tripping... a lot! there is plenty of room. join us for some fun?!
she needs a little work. it will come. what do you expect with a 27 year old car?
im excited about new upholstery and curtains. it will be something psychedelic for sure!
sams just plain excited!

she rides like a ferrari. smooooth.

she comes fully loaded. sink, stove, fridge, hanging closet, 2 beds, 2 tables, a fan, an am radio and a nice smell.

now we just need to decide where to take her first.

we are now taking applications for friends :)


Thursday, December 9, 2010

la biblioteca.

i will be at the library ALL day.

good thing Hitler is interesting.
because i am writing 20 pages about him.
i hope your having as much fun as i am.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


grief is a strange and funny thing.
every person deals with it in a different way.
some cry. some get angry. some sulk. some move forward quickly. some laugh.
for me, its the latter.
dont get me wrong i do all of the above. but for the most part i laugh.
laughing and making fun of something that for most people would be impossible if not irreverent to do is how i deal with "things".
always have. and really i hope i always will.

i guess i like to make things awkward for all parties. im becoming pretty good at it.

my mom is redoing my little brothers room right now. the theme is cowboys.
she has pictures of both of my grandpas and my great grandpa in their cowboy garb.
she searched for one of my dad, but couldnt find one anywhere.
thats where i come in.
she is hanging large canvases above the bed and wanted a picture of each of these men.
so i used the limited photoshop skills i have to make this...

alright lets be honest its just way to weird. we both decided hanging this picture wasnt a good idea.
but we couldnt let the awesome photoshop skills go to waste.
so i made these little "Howdy from Heaven" pictures to give to our family.
we went to Texas Roadhouse last night to celebrate my dad's parents 60th wedding anniversary. {WAY TO GO GRANDMA AND GRANDPA! love you!}
it was the perfect time for their howdy surprise!
everyone laughed. a few cried. but really its just strange.
my dads face in this picture is from a photo taken about 3 years ago. but the hair and that awesome necklace make him look soo young.
hilarious to me.
probably awkward for everyone else.
just the way i like it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

christmas gift spruce up.

alright these are cheater tags. done so very simply and quickly. but print them on a cute scrapbook paper and they can spruce up any christmas present! just save this file, cut some christmas-y scrapbook paper to printing paper size and print. then just cut them out. thats all. simple and makes a christmas present that much cuter.

sorry im not ready to actually wrap any gifts yet... so unwrapped is all you get. doesnt really show the sprucing does it? but its still pretty cute!

hopefully you can find a little use for these. im all about cheap and cute and i dont think it can get any cheaper. plus you have endless possibilities with paper choice, ink color and ribbon. just use whatever you have lying around your house.