Tuesday, May 20, 2014

things i love about my baby

my baby likes to go. go. go. 
he always wants to be outside.
he always wants to run around.
he hates taking time to eat or sleep.
i read a friend's blog the other day and she posted different things about her kids that she didn't want to forget. i loved that idea. there are soo many things my baby does right now that i really love and really don't want to forget. 19 months (for the most part) is such a fun age!

gibson. i love the way you get into your little tent and tap the ground next to you until i get in it. you act so silly when we are in there together and fling your body all around. its pretty dang cute.

i love (and sometimes hate) how much you love being outside. you would live outdoors if i let you. every morning you go and get your shoes and put your pointer finger to your palm and say "peease" for some reason you took the sign language we tried to teach you for more and made it into your way of saying please. i love it.
you love animals. every time you see a puppy you stick your tongue out and pant. every time you see a kitty you do your cheesiest face and your biggest meeeeooowww. you always want to pet them and squeeze them and maul them. i dont love animals, but i love that you do.

i love it when you sleep. you are so peaceful and still and you give mom a much needed break.

you love the swimming pool. there is a little fountain there that you love to splash in. i love how excited you get to be by or in water.

we live close to an airport and you are fascinated with airplanes. you're always looking up trying to spot the loud noise as it screeches across our heads. you also love balls. you are most likely holding a ball or holding a car/train/airplane. you are such a boy. and i love it.

your favorite game is throwing leaves and berries into the pool. i'm sure the pool boy doesn't love it, but i think its pretty cute. every time we go outside we have to make the full circle. the pool is always the first stop.

i love how crazy you are about your dad. you two are the best of friends and have so much fun together. 

i love how much you love to play with your trains. its sort of turning into an obsession i think. you love to watch thomas and with a high pitched voice always toot like a train.

running. you love to run. another one of your favorite games right now is standing on a little hill and counting to three. i say one. you say two. i say three and then you run down screaming at the top of your lungs. i really, really love it.

every night when dad gets home from work you share a popsicle. you both love it. and i love watching you together. 

i don't love how quickly our little abode looks like a tornado went through it. but i do love that you like to play. you are always playing.

i love that your favorite place to drive your cars is on the windowsill. you love looking out the window and pointing to real cars and saying "truck". also, you are a little obsessed with those binkies.

you love to read. you don't love sitting still long enough to finish the book though. you always flip to the end before its over and then clap. its pretty funny. its ok, i don't really love reading either... 

i don't love that i have to trick you to eat every. time! it's one of my biggest frustrations as a mom. i recently bought a table cloth for you to sit on and will turn a movie on just so you are distracted long enough to eat something. most days i chase you around with a fork and shove food in your mouth as you run to the next room. sorry, there isn't much i can say about loving this...

i love that you want everyone to be your friend. if you ever see a little kid you say "hiiiii" and will run up to them and try to hold their hand or throw a ball to them or chase after them. its hilariously cute! i hope you are always as friendly and social as you are right now. i really, really love this about you.

really, you love your daddy. you love to play with him. ride on his back. throw balls with him. ride on his shoulders. pester him. oh you love to pester him and i think it is so funny. you know when he doesn't want you to do something, but you always see how far you can take it. i'm the same way, gib.

lately, one of your favorite toys has been balloons. its cute how you know where the unblown up balloons are and you ask for them. again, i love how you are always playing. 

you love your mom and dad. whenever we are hugging or kissing or close, you always have to weasel your way in the middle of us and give us a kiss or a giggle. its one of my favorite things. i love the three of us together. 

exploring. running. being a boy. you are so good at being a toddler and learning. i love that you really are pretty independent. 

you love fish. it was your first word and you have continued to have a fascination with them. you open and close your mouth to mimic a fish and say "shish" a lot. i love to hear your little voice. 

we have a little dry erase board and you always ask for it. you love it when i draw pictures on it and will point to the empty spots so that i will draw something else. you also really, really love that binky of yours. you call it a "bebe"and get so excited when you see it. it is 100% my crutch. any time you are whiney or frustrated i pop it in your mouth and you are fine... i really love it. but i guess since you are 19 months its about time to start the weaning... 

gibson i love you so, so much. i don't think i could ever tell you all of my favorite things about you. i want to remember this time in our lives forever. you are the sweetest, happiest, silliest baby. i am so thankful for you and your patience with me as i am learning through much trial and error how to raise you to be the best little boy you can be. always remember i love you.



Melissa said...

Ok I love this post. I love the pictures, I love the things you love about Gibson, and of course, I love that you're blogging!

Taryn said...

Gibson is just the best. Can't believe how big he is all of the sudden. Bring him to me!!!!

Maren Nelson said...

I love that you are posting again!! I was so excited to see your name on my list :)

The Gray Gang said...

Gibson is adorable. His hair is to die for.

Tresa & Norman said...

Our Dear Kyrsten, Just read your blog and we really enjoyed the things that make you happy about our little G.Grandson. He is so darn cute and you & Sam are the best. We miss you and can't wait to see you. Found your blog AGAIN, on Taryn's blog. Keep up the good work. It keeps us up on those who are far away from us. Love ya, Grandpa Norm & Grandma Tresa.

Jordan Bennion said...

this is adorable. Best mommy award! :)