Saturday, May 17, 2014


its been over a year and a half since i have been on this. blogging used to be something that i did on a regular basis. documenting (almost to a fault) every detail of mine and sam's life together. somewhere along the way it lost its luster for me though. i don't really know when or why, but my interest just slowly diminished.

i've considered and reconsidered starting to blog again, but recently looked on my profile and found an alarming, unwelcome and reoccurring visitor to this here blog. it makes me nervous to start blogging and posting pictures of my little family for the world to see. it was never an issue for me before, so why am i so unsettled now? most likely because i have a little babe who i love so much. so, do i just post and realize that regardless, people that i don't know and don't necessarily want to look at my blog, will. or do i make this blog private and start posting again. or do i do what i've done the past 2 years and write our adventures in other places?

i love the idea of blogging, because i can type as quickly as i can think and my pictures are all in one place (besides iphoto). i can print books and have tangible evidence that we lived our lives as fully as we could.

maybe im not blogging as much because i dont feel like my life is as adventurous or exciting as it once was. my days are spent bathing, cleaning, cooking and diaper changing. truly the best job in the world, but some days it can be a bit mundane. the reality is probably the fact that instagram is around now and i spend the majority of my time looking through peoples pictures there. when it is something as quick and easy as a single picture, why spend more of my already thin-spread time on more media. maybe because i like to see what the people i love are doing? i like to know details. just ask sam. he gets so annoyed by my incessant pestering after any conversation or activity he has that im not involved in.

our current status is dallas, texas. home of delicious food, friendly people and fire ants. the weather thus far has been perfection. not to hot and definitely not too cold. gibson and i spend our days watching movies, cooking meals, playing at the park, throwing leaves in the swimming pool and taking naps. i'd say its a pretty good life. 

so, here's to (possibly) rejoining the blogging world... beware that if i do there will be one too many pictures of my adorable child. 

peace. love. save the whales. 


Kara Wiebe said...

Hi I think I'm your unwelcome reoccuring visitor. I'm very sorry... I've been using your blog to access other blogs.I am very sorry and will stop doing that now!Sorry for any problems. K.W.

sam and kyrsten said...

@Kara Wiebe
I really don't think it was you... it was a pornographic site or person... I don't care if people I don't know look at my blog. I just don't want that sort of person looking in on my life. I know, I can't dictate who does, I just don't want that to be an issue. Thank you for your consideration though!

Wohlford Family said...

You really do have an adorable baby!! I'm glad you're back and I can't wait to hear more about your cute family! :)

Morgan Reece said...

Yay for the blogging world. I love it but agree with a lot of what you said. Plus since having a baby I find it incredibly hard to blog these days haha.